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4 Teams Who Wasted A Lot of Opportunities at Euro 2020

AsiaDespatch.org – In addition to being filled with national teams that are increasingly performing well, Euro 2020 also has an interesting story. Some teams are also noted to have wasted a lot of opportunities in competitions Euro 2020 this. A total of 24 matches that have been held, recorded a chance of more than 3 percent of goals per game.

Euro 2020 has completed the second matchday on Saturday (19/6) until Sunday (20/6) early morning. From this struggle, several teams finally ensured themselves to qualify for the round of 16. Meanwhile, for the provisional Top Score list, Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrik Schick lead. Then, what teams wereted chances at Euro 2020?


The Italian national team is considered to often waste opportunities in Euro 2020 matches. Gli Azzurri are only able to score six goals from the two matches he has played. The number of goals is relatively small for the size of the appearance that is quite bright from the squad Roberto Mancini.

They did a lot of experimenting in the game. However, Italy failed to take advantage of the gaps in their opponent’s back line. Around 37 shots were made, it turns out that only six opportunities that managed to produce goals.

However, Italy managed to appear perfect in the group phase. The reason, they have even successfully passed three matches in the group stage without defeat. Italy won the Group and was confirmed to qualify for the round of 16.


Furthermore, there is the Scottish national team who also often waste their opportunities. In fact, this team is noted to often make opponents feel threatened. During the Euro 2020 match, Scotland was recorded as having attempted 30 shots against the opponent’s goal.

Of all his efforts, the Scottish national team did not produce a goal. In fact, as many as six attempts deviated, while in one attempt it only hit the opponent’s crossbar. From the rest of the experiment, 18 shots were successfully blocked by their opponent.


The Netherlands is one of the teams with quite a lot of opportunities. The Orange national team failed to take advantage of the gap in their opponent’s defense. The Netherlands only shot 29 times, while the ones that led to goals were only five opportunities.

Of the 29 shots, at least 10 attempts have been successfully aimed at the opponent’s goal, only eleven shots have missed, Dutch National Team recorded another eight shots were successfully blocked. In addition, the Dutch also have a pretty slick appearance in their defense, so it is quite rare to concede.


The Spanish national team in fact also became one of the teams with wasted opportunities. Unlucky at Euro 2020 because it turned out to waste many of their goal opportunities. Spain has recorded as many as 28 attempts with a pretty good attacking power.

Unfortunately, from many attempts to the opponent’s goal, Spanish National Team only managed to confirm one goal only. A total of two matches have been passed by Spain with this record. Disappointing indeed because of the 28 shots, Spain had eleven shots that deviated.

These disappointing results did not make the four teams experience a decline in performance. During the matches that have been played, the four teams must make the same effort for the next.

The Euro 2020 match will enter the round of 16 which will certainly increase the opportunities for various national teams to perform better.

The opportunity to run the round of 16 with better chances should be taken advantage of by all teams. From the strategy carried out by each coach, of course all the teams that qualify have made these efforts.

Those are the four national teams that turned out to be quite disappointing with the size of their chances. Of the several teams that played, the opportunity to create goals had been maximized. However, luck and several other factors made them fail to direct the ball into a goal in the opponent’s cage.

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