A few days before Brazil vs Colombia, here are the names that are expected to be the difference – Asia Despatch

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A few days before Brazil vs Colombia, here are the names that are expected to be the difference

AsiaDespatch.org – It doesn’t feel like an event America’s Cup 2021 already past the first week and of course now has begun to step on the second week. Party after party has been carried out by various countries, of course, there are many dynamics that occur in these matches. In this case, the first week of the Copa America event was enough to entertain the eyes of football lovers.

This is due to the many exciting and prestigious matches that have been carried out well in the first week. So it seems that American football lovers will be more enthusiastic about welcoming the second week of the highest event in the Americas, namely the 2021 Copa America.

In the second week, it seems that the eyes of American football lovers will again be treated to a hot party that will bring together the two current giants of America, namely Brazil National Team vs Colombia. Many predict that this hot party will be very interesting and will likely take place with high tension.

This is because the prestige carried by these two troops is quite high and both have ambitions to win. This match seems to be proof of who will be in power in the group stage because later it will be related to the group winners.

Neymar is ready to be the difference in this match

If we talk about Brazil, it seems that there will be less if the name of the mega star has not been mentioned. Who else but Neymar. This sensational player is right that he is already 29 years old and is almost in his thirties.

But the appearance shown by a Neymar looks like a player who is still 20 years old. This is because Neymar is currently still able to maintain his physical condition which can be proven when Brazil performed well in its first two matches.

In this case, Neymar in his first two matches has been able to show his fangs. In addition, he was able to prove that the coach was not wrong in making Neymar a leader in Brazil’s front lines.

Neymar’s scintillating performance is expected to continue in the following matches, including against another American giant, namely Colombia. The presence of Neymar in Brazil’s front row is expected to remain a figure that spoils the focus and concentration of the Colombian defender.

In this case, Neymar will remain as usual by relying on his speed and deadly strokes that can make Yerry Mina and his friends bother. Many think that in the Brazil vs Colombia match later, Neymar will be present as a differentiator and give his own color to the Samba squad.

So the Colombian defenders seem to have to be careful and fully focused when Neymar is carrying the ball.

Juan Cuadrado also doesn’t want to lose

For a moment discuss the next team, namely Colombia. This team of course also has players whose quality and capacity are not much different from that of Neymar. The player is Juan Cuadrado who is currently able to show his class together with the Italian giants, Juve. Juan Cuadrado’s performances with Juve are true, they have decreased slightly compared to last seasons.

But when Square already defending Colombia, it seems that it will be a different story because this player is always able to stand out. Juan Cuadrado along with Colombia almost never experienced a significant decline in performance when competing. The presence of Juan Cuadrado on the Colombian attacking flank is expected to be the motor of attack as well as a differentiating figure when this team competes against Brazil.

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