After losing to Paraguay, Vidal is not over! – Asia Despatch

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After losing to Paraguay, Vidal is not over! – Chile is a team or country that is quite loved in the world of American football. Because the Chilean troops have quite a lot of historical records and achievements that are very prestigious and are able to make the Chilean country proud. So that the existence of the Chilean troops in world football civilization is quite meaningful and becomes a very important part.

Moreover, the Chilean troops are currently struggling and struggling at the highest event in America, namely Amerika America’s Cup 2021. In this case, the Chilean troops have become quite the talk and are being discussed because the team is in a fairly inconsistent phase.

The inconsistency of the Chilean troops is certainly influenced by many factors, one of the most striking factors is stamina fatigue. Not only that, the Chilean troops also often experience a stalemate when building attacks, especially from the wings that are less exploited. In this case, the Chilean squad is under considerable threat considering this team has just won a series of unpleasant results.

Practically like it or not, Chile’s troops are currently stuck in third place and of course have not fully shown signs of safety. It is possible that Chile’s position will be shifted again by another team or country that is trying to overtake it.

Fatigue causes Chile to lose to Paraguay

Of course, many already know that almost half of the Chile squad is inhabited by veteran players. Practically most of the players in the squad Chile national team his age is in the range of three heads and his performance is declining. So it will be very difficult if you rely too much on veteran players considering that the Copa America party has a fairly solid schedule.

Not only the schedule, competition from all countries is also very tight and the results are often matches run with high intensity. This caused the Chilean troops to find it very difficult to maintain the stamina of their players who incidentally are veteran players. Not only that, Chile’s troops are currently having a lot of problems with muscle injuries in their players after the match.

Muscle fatigue or discomfort in the Chilean players is certainly caused by the tight schedule of matches. So like it or not, the Chilean troops must be good at managing strategies regarding the physical appearance of their players, considering that this event is still long. But at this time the Chilean camp was experiencing a very great dilemma, especially for the coach.

Because when Chile wanted to rest some of its ammunition, it turned out that Chile’s current position was not yet safe. Chile is worried that his team will find it difficult if there are some veteran players who rest after fatigue.

According to news circulating, Chile will continue to install several senior players because they are eyeing the full three points. If you don’t get a full score, then it’s not impossible if the Chilean troops can be eliminated and lift their suitcases faster.

Vidal: Losing to Paraguay, It’s Not Over!

Everyone, of course, knows that there is a Chilean midfielder who is very famous for having a strong mentality. Even though he lost, the midfielder still showed that he was still enthusiastic until the fight was over. The player is the creator of Chile’s attack Arturo vidal who never ceases to show his spurs.

Some time ago Arturo Vidal was uploading posts through his own social media page after being bent Paraguay. The creator of Chile’s attack stated that yesterday’s defeat was not the end of everything that had been fought for. So Arturo Vidal asked all his colleagues to immediately look at the next party and try to get up.

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