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Again, One Indonesian Bloody Player Name Wants Naturalization – After the names of Sandy Walsh, Kevin Diks, and Joey Suk, now there are names of players with Indonesian blood that are sticking out. The player is a left back born in Lelystad, Netherlands 22 years ago whose name is yang Shayne Pattynama.

Now Shayne Pattynama is playing for Viking FK who play in Eliteserien, Norway’s number one league. The player plays as a left wing-back and is now a core player at his club.

Studying Football In The Netherlands

His track record as a football player has been observed in the youth team of Ajax Amsterdam in the period 2007/2008 to 2010/2011 ago. Shayne Pattynama has also been in the same field with big names who are now playing with top European clubs.

They are Justin Kluivert who now plays for RB Leipzig and Manchester United midfielder, Donny Van De Beek. They both studied at the Ajax Amsterdam academy, which is famous as a producer of great footballers.

Then in July 2010, Shayne Pattynama left for another Dutch club, FC Utrecht. The player was placed in the U19 to U21 youth teams. After that he was then sold to Telstar who played in Keuken Kampioen Divisie, the Dutch second class league.

Two seasons at Telstar, the player has not been able to penetrate the core players, he is more often a bench warmer. The total player who plays as a full-back played a total of 48 matches with the club.

Last April, Shayne Pattynama finally officially left his homeland and emigrated to Norway. Now the player who has a Maluku clan is defending the Viking FK club and has a contract until 2023.

Until the season ends his club, Viking FK successfully finished sixth in the Eliteserien final standings. The player has made 33 appearances this season, scoring five goals for his club.

Have Indonesian Blood

It was investigated that this player’s father came from the city of Semarang, Central Java and had Moluccan blood. Since childhood he was raised in the Netherlands with two languages ​​plus Indonesian from his father.

However, due to difficulties, Shayne Pattynama finally only mastered the Dutch language. Judging from his social media posts, the player has uploaded a photo of his father. The father’s face is clearly visible, which has the characteristics of an Indonesian.

Want to wear a red and white uniform

Now Shayne Pattynama intends to defend the Indonesian national team and has passed the code to the federation. The player has also contacted Fardy Bachdim, the brother of Irfan Bachdim who is known as a famous player agent.

It is reported that Fardy Bachdim is working hard on the naturalization process for the player. Shayne Pattynama hopes to be able to defend the Indonesian national team as soon as possible and participate in the Asian Cup qualifiers.

The qualifiers will be played in September, with Indonesia going up against countries from other Asian continents. Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong and the Maldives are potential opponents for the national team later.

If the player and Sandy Walsh are defending the Garuda team, the wing-back position will become even stronger. Armed with experience playing in Europe, both of them can be relied on by the coach, Shin Tae Yong.

Both of them can be lowered along with the composition of Indonesian-blooded players who are grazing in Europe or abroad. The players in question are Egy Maulana Vikri, Syahrian Abhimanyu and Elkan Baggot.

It is hoped that with the arrival of these naturalized players, the Garuda squad ranking can be improved. Up to now ranking Indonesian National team still in 173rd position due to poor results in the last World Cup Qualification.

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