Almost held in a draw with Ukraine, the Dutch defense is still at risk – Asia Despatch

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Almost held to a draw with Ukraine, the Dutch defense is still at risk – The Dutch Orange team seemed quite shy in welcoming Euro 2020 this time. In addition, the Dutch Orange troops are also quite a hot conversation and are expected to be able to talk a lot. This is because the Dutch camp when viewed by the squad and the material of the players are very qualified and of high quality.

In addition, currently the Orange Netherlands troops are also having a lot of top European players who are on the rise. So with the squad and quality player materials, it is natural that many people think that the Orange Netherlands troops will show their fangs at this four-year event.

The Dutch side at the moment, from a physical and preparation point of view, doesn’t seem to have the slightest problem. The reason is that currently the Dutch squad is almost a full team except for his absence Virgil Van Dijk. Therefore, it seems that the Dutch team will still rely on their characteristic style and play that does not play the ball too often in the middle.

The transition from defense to attack that is very fast will certainly remain the main weapon for the Dutch Orange troops. So that in terms of the game, many think the Netherlands will be very pleasing to watch and goal-oriented.

The Dutch Premiere’s Match Bears Sweet Fruits

Finally yesterday the Orange troops were able to feel again playing in the elite International event after the Covid-19 outbreak. This seems to be very warmly welcomed by the supporters and the community supporting the Dutch national team.

The reason is that yesterday, during the Netherlands vs Ukraine match, the enthusiasm of the audience in the stands was quite high. Even though the audience and supporters were limited, the boisterous and bustling stadium seemed to sound quite loud in the match. However, because the host of Group C is the Netherlands, almost the contents of the stadium in yesterday’s match were orange and there were many Dutch attributes.

In the first match against Ukraine, certainly not an easy thing for the Orange troops. The reason is that recently Ukraine also seems to be able to play attractively and show its tajir. So that the Dutch troops in the early minutes of the game had time to slow down the rhythm first and control the ball more in the middle. However, when the match had been running for 10 minutes, the Dutch troops seemed to step on the gas and increase the intensity of their attacks.

This makes quite a lot of violations due to the increasing intensity of the game from both sides. Finally the Dutch troops could smile broadly and satisfy the eyes of their supporters. Because the Dutch troops managed to bend Ukraine with a score that was quite tense, namely 3-2.

This victory is also a first step and a good capital to navigate the next match in the group phase. It seems that the current mentality of the Dutch stronghold has improved a lot thanks to the victory over Ukraine that was achieved yesterday.

The Dutch back line is still quite risky

Apart from the victory that the Netherlands won yesterday, there is one weakness that has attracted a lot of public attention. Because Dutch National Team seemed to lack concentration and loosened the intensity of the attack when it was 2-0 up. So that it triggers Ukraine to stab the heart of the defense of the Orange troops. This suddenly overwhelmed the Dutch, especially at the 60th minute.

The lack of concentration at the rear made the Orange Netherlands troops conceded two goals and the score had a draw. In this case, a lot of people judged that the loss of a figure Van Dijk in the back row makes the Dutch a little shaky.

Many give the opinion that the current Dutch back line is still quite risky if it is not immediately repaired. So this will be homework for the Dutch coaches so that the back row can be more disciplined and strong.

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