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Appoint Jan Saragih as Coach, What's PSS's Next Step – The dark horse team from Central Java, PSS Sleman, looks quite serious in preparing its troops to meet Indonesian League 1 . To the extent that long ago PSS had held a training camp which was attended by all ranks of players.

Not only that, PSS is also a club that is quite serious in preparing its players physically. So it is natural that PSS has a high enough target in the highest competition in the country this season. Therefore, the preparations currently being carried out by PSS troops have gone far enough.

In addition, PSS troops have also slipped several strategies and tactics applied to the current coaches of PSS Sleman. PSS Sleman troops don’t seem to want to disappoint their supporters who have been loyal to accompany the club from Central Java.

All efforts and efforts will continue to be made by PSS troops while the Liga 1 schedule has not been determined. With time still remaining, it looks like PSS will take full advantage of it by continuing to make preparations. In this case, PSS management is also taking steps, namely appointing a new coach and targeting new player ammunition.

PSS Officially Appoints Jan Saragih as Captain

Everyone, of course, knows a lot that PSS has been abandoned by its flagship coach, Seto Nurdiantoro. In this case, PSS in the past few weeks seems to have prepared everything without the presence of a main coach. So that the preparation and readiness stage carried out by PSS experienced a few obstacles regarding new players.

Management ranks PSS Sleman worry about buying players who do not match the tastes of the new coach later. Therefore, the first step that must be immediately prepared by PSS management is to appoint a new coach or captain. So it is hoped that later when PSS has appointed a new coach, it will be easier for PSS to recruit and add player ammunition.

Finally some time ago PSS Sleman announced and decided on a new coach. A few days ago, PSS announced Jan Saragih’s name as the captain to navigate the upcoming 2021 league 1.

The former Persija coach has reportedly agreed and immediately signed a contract with the pride of Sleman club. Thus, the PSS troops are now a little calmer because the first stage, namely the appointment of a coach, has been carried out very well.

The capability and credibility of Jan Saragih, of course, cannot be doubted by the PSS camp. The reason is that this coach has had quite a lot of misfortune along with the top clubs of League 1 a few years ago. In fact, this coach has also coached the pride of the capital, namely the Kemayoran Tigers. So that the presence of a Jan Saragih is expected to lift the PSS team’s performance in a better direction, of course.

In addition, the presence of Jan Saragih is also expected to be able to immediately adapt to the ranks of the players. Thus, many expect PSS to be able to gain success together with Jan Saragih in the 2021 Liga 1 season.

Jan Saragih also immediately focuses on improving his team’s physique and maturity

After only a few days serving as the main captain of PSS, Jan Saragih immediately highlighted the physical appearance of his foster children. Because Jan Saragih considered that it would be nice for the ranks of PSS players to improve the physical condition of their players. So most likely the first stage that will be carried out by Jan Saragih is to focus on improving the physical appearance of his foster children first. After the physical was completed, Jan Saragih confirmed that he would insert material on tactics and strategies for his team.

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