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Arema's New President Comes To Solve Dualism Problems At His Club – Arema FC is currently one of the many Liga 1 clubs that have surprisingly made a new breakthrough. The breakthrough taken by Arema’s troops is to appoint a new club president who is arguably still very young.

However, even though he is young, the figure of the president of Arema FC has already gained some success as an entrepreneur and is certainly very capable in terms of finance. Arema’s new president in question is Gilang Widya Pramana who is famous for being very rich and is estimated to be able to bring Arema to a better direction.

Qualified in terms of capital, making Arema supporters really hope that many Gilang can make the financial side Arema become more stable. Therefore, the presence of Gilang Widya Pramana is like a hero who is expected to be able to lift the performance of Singo Edan’s troops. With his experience and capability as an entrepreneur, Gilang is expected to be able to transmit his success to the current Singo Edan stronghold.

A few weeks after Gilang’s appointment, the new president of Arema immediately made several breakthroughs and stages that were quite brilliant. The reason is that Gilang Widya Pramana is currently making a trial agenda and a lot of preparations so that his team is more mature.

Gilang Widya Pramana Comes To Solve Arema’s Problems

Everyone must have known that the Arema troops from a few years ago were in big trouble. In fact, the problem is not getting better and is not getting a definite end point.

The problem that is currently hitting the Arema camp is the problem of endless dualism. Because Arema FC several years ago there was a conflict between internal people who at that time served as high-ranking officials of Arema. This suddenly made the Arema camp immediately split into two clubs with almost the same name.

Practically this problem is enough to make Arema management confused because it interferes with Arema’s course and preparation process. It should also be noted that Arema has long been divided into two parts, namely Arema FC and Arema Indonesia.

For Arema FC, currently enjoying its heyday by undergoing and occupying the highest competition in the country, namely Indonesian League 1 . Meanwhile, another fate hit the Indonesian Arema camp, the article was that the Arema splinter club had to be willing to be thrown into League 3 after the IPL competition was no longer running. Even though the dualism case has been around for a very long time, Arema FC is still trying to solve the problem until now.

Moreover, Arema is currently being held by the new President, who is still very young and very smart of course. In this case, the capacity of a Gilang Widya Pramana will be the main weapon so that this problem will be resolved soon. Even the president some time ago also commented on the problems experienced by Arema, namely dualism.

Arema’s new president, Gilang, came to Arema, of course, he had noble intentions and goals. In this case, Gilang asserted that he came with the aim of solving the dualism problem that is currently happening to Singo Edan’s camp.

After the Dualism Problem is Over, Gilang Hopes Arema FC Can Be More Focused

Gilang Widya Pramana hopes that Arema’s internal problems can be resolved soon and have a good impact on Arema’s own game. Therefore, a club is very important to maintain internal conditions and stability in its team. So if the internals are clean and there are no problems, then it is not impossible that a club will again gain success, including Arema FC.

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