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Argentina often loses the ball, Messi asks his team to play a little calmer – Argentina or commonly called the Tango team is a country that is very full of achievements in football matters. Even the Argentine team had also won the highest event in the world, namely the World Cup which was then in the Maradona era.

Based on this history and records, Argentina can conclude that this team is expected to be able to continue to record achievements in the era to come. In fact, many also argue that the Argentinean troops will be able to record history and achievements at the highest event in America, namely America’s Cup 2021.

Troops Leo messi and friends are currently in a phase that is not easy because currently Argentina is carrying out a special mission. In the near future, it is reported that Argentina will regenerate players because management considers that their team is currently experiencing a decline in performance.

In this case, Argentina’s performance declined because there were so many players who had run out and missed the productive age of a footballer. Therefore, it is only natural that the Argentinian management takes the step of regenerating players at the 2021 Copa America. With so many new faces, the Argentinean troops are expected to be able to perform optimally during the tough 2021 Copa America.

Argentina has a bad record in this event

Argentina when undergoing the Copa America is certainly not an easy thing because this team is in a phase of ups and downs. So there needs to be focus and high discipline applied by the ranks of Argentine players in all lines. In addition, Argentina must also be able to improve the cohesiveness of its team because the current squad is filled with players with new faces.

If Argentina National Team not being careful in the regeneration process this time, it is not impossible if Argentina must be willing to go home early in this event. The Argentine coach also confirmed that he was ready to build a squad from scratch at the highest event in America.

In addition, many think that Argentina will have difficulties when competing in the Copa America because there are several factors. In this case, the most important factor is that Argentina is currently still dreaming of a bad record at the Copa America.

Everyone of course already knows that the Argentine team has not been able to talk much at the Copa America, especially in its last decade. Even Argentina had entered the final and was just one step away from winning but had to disappear in the hands of the squad Chile at that time. Therefore, at this time the Argentine fans also seem anxious and worried if the bad events in this event could happen again.

Messi asks his team to play more calmly

Everyone certainly knows a lot that the Argentinian squad in the Copa America event has not been fully optimal. As of now, the Argentinean troops have undergone their first two matches in the group phase of the 2021 Copa America. In this case, the game from the Argentine camp seems not yet fully mature and seems very rushed when making a decision.

In addition, the Argentine midfield when building an attack also often loses the ball and loses momentum. Therefore, some time ago the captain immediately intervened and shared his opinion about his team’s current game.

The captain Leo messi emphasized that he wanted and asked his teammates to play more calmly when they wanted to attack. Messi considers that if the Argentine team can be much calmer then the possibility of winning every game will be wide open.

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