Belgium has a problem, Eden Hazard is threatened with absence during the match against Italy – Asia Despatch

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Belgium has a problem, Eden Hazard is threatened with absence during the match against Italy – Belgium seems to be quite happy after being able to finish the battle with Portugal which the result is a victory in the continuation EURO 2020. Practically with the victory, Romelu Lukaku’s troops and his friends immediately stepped on the gas to the next phase. In this case, the Belgian troops immediately advanced to the quarter-finals and the Gli Azzurri troops had been waiting for it later.

Therefore, many think that the achievements achieved by the Belgian troops are extraordinary. Not a few also predict that Lukaku and his friends are able to continue to penetrate to the next higher round.

In this case, the Belgian troops have a pretty heavy chance considering the opponents they will face in the last 8 are Gli Azzurri. While the troops The Azzurri Until now, it has never been touched by defeat and only conceded one goal against Austria. You could practically say that Belgium will be challenged to get back into the net from Gli Azzurri who are famous for being very neat and disciplined.

Therefore, many predict that this match will be very unique because the two teams’ strategies and tactics are very different. It is natural that many are waiting for the match between Belgium and Italy which will be held in a few days.

Belgium is in big trouble

Before facing Italy, it seems that the preparations that have been prepared by the Belgian troops have experienced a few obstacles. Because the Belgian troops had to lose a player who could be said to be the spirit and life of the game from Belgium.

Belgian troops must be willing to lose the figure of the captain, namely Eden Hazard which seems to require further investigation. It should also be noted that Eden Hazard was repeatedly hit hard and ended with a muscle injury in the 60th minute.

Practically at that time, Eden Hazard immediately asked the coaches to pull him out of the gridiron. According to the news circulating, the medical ranks stated that the Belgian captain Eden Hazard had an injury to his thigh muscle.

This is reportedly due to Hazard’s muscles working too much and causing the player to experience muscle fatigue. Suddenly this made Eden Hazard experience excruciating pain and it was automatically difficult to make explosive movements.

In this case the recovery of an Eden Hazard will take quite a bit of time so that the currently injured muscles can get back fit again. Eden Hazard’s injury practically made the Belgian squad suffer a pretty heavy blow because this player is very vital. So that more or less the Belgian troops lost their flagship weapon, especially on the wings that could pierce the heart of the opponent’s defense.

Therefore, the Belgian squad is currently having a hard time thinking about who will replace Hazard for the matches in the future. Currently, the supporters of the Belgian national team are still hopeful while praying that Hazard will be able to appear again soon.

Eden Hazard Threatened Can’t Play Against Italy

Of course, many already know that a very tough party awaits Romelu Lukaku and these friends in the quarterfinals. Because the camp Belgium like it or not, they have to face the current champions of Group A and the European giants, Gli Azzurri.

But it is a pity that when Belgium was about to clash against Italy, Belgium had to lose Hazard. According to news circulating Eden Hazard could not appear to defend the Belgian squad against Italy because he was still recovering.

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