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Brazil can beat Peru because of this factor – Exciting matches will occur in the match America’s Cup 2021 which will take place Monday (18/6). Defending champions Brazil will meet Peru’s national team in the Copa America Group B competition. As the defending champion, Brazil is almost certain to beat Peru because it is supported by several main reasons.

The factor about the toughness of the Brazilian national team is no longer in doubt. So far the development of the Brazilian national team has also proven that they have a chance to become champions again. Brazil and Peru national team are in one group B, namely the northern zone. Competing with Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, they are fighting for tickets to the next phase.

Brazil can also be said to have started the Copa America this season quite well. beat up Venezuela in the previous 3-0 match, the Samba team seemed to be crushing their opponent again this time. From the available statistical data, Brazil is expected to destroy its opponent Peru again. What are the underlying factors for this?

1. Meeting Notes

From the Head to Head record made Brazil National Team and Peru, both national teams already have records. The two countries have met before and from that meeting, Brazil has won 14 matches. The two met as many as 20 games in the previous season. The last five matches also saw Peru only win once.

Of the four remaining matches, Brazil succeeded in overthrowing the Peruvian national team. The last meeting of the two ended with a score of 4-2 which was won by Brazil. Not only that, the current momentum is also considered the best time for Brazil. In the opening party against Venezuela, Brazil was able to win with a landslide score of 3-0.

2. Peru is Weak

If you look at the current condition of the Peruvian national team, it seems that they are fairly weak. On the same occasion ahead of this match, Peru is still slumped. Even though they had beaten Ecuador in the opening match with a score of 2-1, their condition was still not quite good. Peru have also lost four World Cup qualifiers in the zone CONMEBOL.

Sadly, in the four defeats that Peru experienced, they only managed to score two goals. While they had conceded eleven times. The record is somewhat worrying for the Peruvian national team who will have a match with defending champions Brazil.

3. Host, Brazil

The next factor is about who will host the Copa America this time. Admittedly or not, the host factor is also considered to be a determinant. Brazil is the organizer of this year’s Copa America. It is almost certain that Peru can surrender to the host who also has a strong enough mentality as the defending champion.

Peru also has to be careful with the current condition of the Brazilian team. one of their players is Neymar on the hunt for a fantastic record. The mainstay of Paris Saint Germain managed to look charming by contributing several contributions to the Brazilian national team. Neymar, who is chasing Pele’s record, will certainly be back in this match.

There are many reasons that turned out to make Brazil beat Peru in the group phase match this time. Brazil is indeed a formidable team that is almost certainly not weak just because it is dealing with the Peruvian national team.

Those are some of the factors that can be the basis for Brazil to weaken its opponent in this match. The defending champions are also still close to their target of qualifying for the knockout phase and winning Group B this time. The match is sure to be fierce for the two national teams. Brazil is sure to win!

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