Brazil vs Colombia Prediction June 24, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Brazil vs Colombia Prediction June 24, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgThe Brazilian national team will host the Colombian national team in the 3rd round of the 2020/21 Copa America group B zone, Thursday (24/6/21) at Nilton Santos Stadium. With two victories that can be passed smoothly, it is appropriate that the Brazilian national team is seeded to qualify for the group phase. On the other hand the Colombian national team is still lucky and maybe they won’t continue to get their luck again this time.

  • Solidifying the Consistency Test

Two big wins did not make the Brazilian national team satisfied. Of course fans in the world will think the same. Because they are sure to qualify if they only face a few mediocre teams. Even so the Brazilian national team proved that they are in a different class with two big wins. They were able to get the first victory against Venezuela 3-0. Followed by his second and bigger victory with a score of 4-0 when he hosted the Peruvian national team.

With this nick, at least it can prove that the Brazilian national team will be very ready when facing a big team. They don’t seem to be wasting the game. Although some experts say that now Brazil’s game is more collective than it used to be. This is very reasonable because of course the Brazilian national team also follows the times. This time their game is more dynamic by not giving too many individual portions. Of course, if they are still consistent then the Brazilian national team still deserves to be favorited as one of the champion candidates.

Brazil vs Colombia Prediction June 24, 2021
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  • Preparing for the Next Round

Neymar and his friends are still on a safe path. In terms of the condition of the star players in the Brazilian national team, they are consistent enough to face several big matches. This can be seen when facing the Peruvian national team 4-0. Some of the players looked quite compact and were able to at least enjoy their game.

Although actually several lines of the Brazilian national team still have to be evaluated. From the recorded statistics casino online , The Brazilian national team is quite good at playing central balls even though they do not fully control the game. But unfortunately their right line is too weak and unable to perform brilliantly. Starting from Danilo to Gabriel Barbosa, they always seem to move very monotonously.

In fact, it is not uncommon to make mistakes such as passing errors or rushing to give feedback. Whereas in the 12th minute Gabriel Jesus was able to make a contribution that made the Brazilian national team open the scoring through Alex Sandro. Fortunately, during the second half Tite immediately changed the scheme of the Brazilian national team. The entry of Roberto Firmino is a pretty good differentiator.

Neymar himself was able to slightly contribute in the 68th minute through the help of Fred. The rest they doubled two goals when the second half will be completed. From the match, it was very clear that they were able to improve the rhythm of the game a little. Although the changes are quite late.

Now the Colombian national team is able to be in second place after they got three wins and one draw. But the luck of the Colombian national team will not last long because they were able to steal the star for the third game. Unfortunately they had to lose in the third round when they faced Peru 2-1. Of course, their difficult period is not over, especially now that they will face the rulers of Group B.

Of course against the Brazilian national team is a series of nightmares if they are not able to repair their defeat. Surely this time the Colombian national team will play a more defensive strategy.

Brazil vs Colombia Prediction June 24, 2021
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Although the average Brazilian national team player is able to do better than the visitors this time, but still there is no compromise to relax. They have to be smart to get the win early in the round. The Brazilian national team is predicted to win this match.

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Estimated line-up for Brazil vs Colombia:

(Brazil) : Ederson Moraes; Thiago Silva, Danilo, Alex Sandro, Éder Militão, Fred, Fabinho, Éverton, Neymar, Gabriel Barbosa, Gabriel Jesus.

Manager : Tite.

(Colombia) : D. Ospina; W. Tesillo, Y. Mina, D. Sánchez, D. Muñoz, J. Cuadrado, E. Cardona, M. Uribe, W. Barrios, D. Zapata, L. Muriel.

Manager : R. Rueda.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
27/03/21 WQS Colombia PSTP Brazil
07/09/19 FRI Brazil 2-2 Colombia
06/09/17 WQS Colombia 1-1 Brazil
26/01/17 FRI Brazil 1-0 Colombia
07/09/16 WQS Brazil 2-1 Colombia
18/06/21 COA Brazil 4-0 Peru
14/06/21 COA Brazil 3-0 Venezuela
09/06/21 WQS Paraguay 0-2 Brazil
05/06/21 WQS Brazil 2-0 Ecuador
18/11/20 WQS Uruguay 0-2 Brazil
21/06/21 COA Colombia Peru
18/06/21 COA Colombia 0-0 Venezuela
14/06/21 COA Colombia 1-0 Ecuador
09/06/21 WQS Colombia 2-2 Argentina
04/06/21 WQS Peru 0-3 Colombia

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