Bruno Moreira to complete the Persebaya Surabaya squad – Asia Despatch

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Bruno Moreira Completes Persebaya Surabaya Squad – Persebaya Surabaya has completed its foreign player quota by bringing in its newest player. The player in question is Bruno Moreira Soares, who was brought in after his contract expired with Colombian club Envigado.

Bruno Moreira Soares is a Brazilian national player who is only 22 years old. The Santos academy native has traveled the world in his football career. From Santos, the player who plays in the attacking midfielder position was once loaned to a South Korean club, Chungnam Asan.

The attacking midfielder who was born in 1999 defended the K League 2 club for two consecutive seasons. Until after his contract expired, the management of Persebaya Surabaya immediately took quick steps to bring him in.

Complementary Ration for Foreign Players

Previously, the Persebaya Surabaya club had brought in three names of foreign players ahead of the event Indonesian League 1 . The first player, Alie Sesay, a central defender from Sierra Leone who was recruited after his playing time with Azerbaijan club, FK Sabail.

The defender who was born in London, England is the original product of the Leicester City academy. The player has played for English clubs that play in League Two such as Cambridge United and Colchester United.

The next name is Taisei Marukawa, this Japanese player is in the same position as Bruno Moreira Soares, namely as an attacking midfielder. He was contracted to play for one season from his old club, FC Noah Jurmala.

Then proceed to the last name, namely striker with a body height of 190 cm, Jose Wilkson Teixeira Rocha. The player who is more familiarly called Wilkson was brought in on a free transfer after his contract ended with Malta club Hibernians FC.

That way the squad nicknamed Bajul Ijo only needs to focus on training and maturation of tactics. Plus several test matches to further strengthen the cooperation between the lines of the team.

Looks like Robertino Pugliara

The team’s former playmaker, Robertino Pugliara became the most important player in the squad Persebaya Surabaya period 2017/2018. He also seemed to be an attack motorbike and able to command his friends.

But unfortunately, his work had to stop after getting a hard obstacle from Borneo FC midfielder, Wahyudi Hamisi. In the match played at Gelora Bung Tomo, the Argentine midfielder had to leave the game from the 20th minute. He was replaced by Rendi Irwan.

After that, the midfielder was unable to continue his season due to suffering a severe injury. At the end of that season, Robertino Pugliara, whose contract expired, had to leave the Bajul Ijo team. Until now the 37-year-old midfielder does not have a club.

The recruitment of Bruno Moreira Soares is considered a management move to find players in the same position as Robertino Pugliara. His position as an attacking midfielder is also required to be able to lead the team’s attack.

Meanwhile, the foreign player who was interviewed was asked about his hopes at his new club. Then the player replied that he really wanted to score a lot of goals and made the Bonek Mania smile.

However, according to the coach, Aji Santoso, the young player still has to do the adaptation process first. Because previously Bruno Moreira Soares had never once defended a homeland club. Not to mention the factor of the player who has not been on the pitch and played for a long time.

Aji Santoso himself prepared a plan for the next two weeks in order to make the young player able to adapt to the new environment. This is also so that the Brazilian midfielder can blend in with his team’s style of play.

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