Cerezo Osaka vs Port Prediction June 30, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Cerezo Osaka vs Port Prediction June 30, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgCerezo Osaka will host Port in Round 3 of the AFC Champions League phase Group J 2020/21, Wednesday (30/6/21) at Chang Arena Stadium. After struggling to get a satisfactory result, it seems that Cerezo Osaka is about to strengthen his position. On the other hand, Port FC was able to rise despite its defeat in the first round.

  • Achieve High Consistency

Seeing Cerezo Osaka’s performance, it seems that they are still on the right path. Twice getting maximum results makes Cerezo Osaka now in the top position.

Although the AFC Champions League agenda is still long, but if they are able to bulldoze the next two matches, their strength will be seen. Of course they are looking to continue to win in order to be able to secure a position in the group J standings.

So far, Cerezo Osaka has collected 6 points for the two wins. In the first half they were able to bulldoze the Chinese team, Guangzhou 2-0.

Entering the second round they were able to bulldoze another team from Hong Kong Kitchee 2-1. Although the match against Kitchee SC was a fierce match because they were still able to put up a fight.

So far, Cerezo Osaka’s players are still able to coordinate quite nicely. Although some lines are still missed, especially in the back line. But it seems for the movement in midfield they are actually not so bad.

Cerezo Osaka vs Port Prediction June 30, 2021
Source : https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/ayumu-seko-of-cerezo-osaka
  • Chasing the Third Victory

Of course to deal with some of the agenda ahead they have to be a little smart. Moreover, some of the teams in Group J are indeed mediocre teams who are not so strong or so weak.

But what they need to avoid is the accumulation of cards or losing players due to injury. So far Cerezo Osaka’s players still lack a creative midfielder.

They have only one player who stands out in the middle. Riki Harakawa is listed as a player who has high electability.

The rating he got so far in two matches was quite high, namely 7.9. In addition, they have Tiago Pagnussat as a foreign player who has a high rating of 7.7.

As a defender Tiago Pagnussat is able to discipline several players at the back to coordinate strategy well. Although their movement barrier is in communication.

Hiroaki Okuno is listed as the third player to have a rating of 7.45 under Tiago. Then there is another foreign assailant that is Adam Taggart which received a rating of 7.35.

In addition, there are approximately a total of 7 players who were able to get an average rating of 7. This means that when viewed from the number of teams, almost 90 percent of the electability of this team is working according to its performance. Of course, to get back his victory, Cerezo Osaka must continue to improve some of the performances of his players.

After losing in the first round, finally Port FC was able to rise a little in the second round. With this victory they have at least three points to fight for.

This Thai team has the same points as the team that defeated it in the first round, Kitchee SC. Unfortunately because of the different aggregate time, they had to settle for being in third place.

Port FC’s struggle itself is still long and now they will face one of the toughest tests. Of course they must be able to avoid defeat if they want to keep their position.

Cerezo Osaka vs Port Prediction June 30, 2021
Source : https://static.bangkokpost.com/media/content/dcx/2020/09/17/3751091.jpg

Even though Port FC is a strong team, it looks like Cerezo Osaka will have no trouble. With better morale and coordination they will have the upper hand. Cerezo Osaka predicted online soccer betting site will win this match.

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Estimated Line-up Cerezo Osaka vs Port:

(Cerezo Osaka) : Kim Jin-Hyeon; Y. Maruhashi, Tiago Pagnussat, Riku Matsuda, A. Seko, H. Okuno, R. Harakawa, T. Sakamoto, H. Kiyotake, T. Takagi, A. Taggart.

Manager: Levir Culpi.

(Port) : W. Srisupha; Rochela, P. Roller, E. Dolah, N. Selanon, J. Satham, Ko Seul-Ki, Sergio Suárez, J. Rakotonomenjanahary, S. Chakkuprasart, B. Phala.

Manager : S. Treephan.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:


  • Cerezo Osaka’s last 5 matches
27/06/21 ACL Cherry Osaka 2-1 Kitchee
24/06/21 ACL Guangzhou FC 0-2 Cherry Osaka
09/06/21 EMC Cherry Osaka 2-0 Gainare Tottori
30/05/21 J1L Vegalta Sendai 1-1 Cherry Osaka
26/05/21 J1L Kashima Antlers 1-0 Cherry Osaka
27/06/21 ACL Port 3-0 Guangzhou FC
24/06/21 ACL Kitchee 2-0 Port
28/03/21 TL1 Nakhon Ratchasima 2-2 Port
20/03/21 TL1 Port 0-1 Chiangrai United
17/03/21 TL1 Ratchaburi 0-0 Port

Regards, Debate ball.

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