Copa America final, Neymar wants Brazil to meet Argentina – Asia Despatch

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Copa América final, Neymar wants Brazil to meet Argentina – The duel between Argentina and Brazil in the final of the Copa América has always been a dream duel for football fans. Like most people, Neymar also wants the same thing. After bringing Brazil to the final party, Neymar said he wanted Argentina to challenge Brazil in the final later.

Brazil Wait for the Opponent

Played his inaugural match on 13 June 2021, America Cup It doesn’t feel like it’s almost over. One semifinal has been played, while the remaining one has yet to take place. Brazil became the first team to have confirmed a ticket to the final match to be held at the upcoming Maracanã.

Tite’s men managed to secure a ticket to the top round of the Copa América after they beat Peru in the semifinals. Through Lucas Paquetá’s single goal, Brazil closed the match with a one-goal victory without reply. Now they are still waiting for the result of Argentina’s match against Colombia to determine the opponent in the final party.

Prefer Argentina

Talking about which opponent deserves to face Brazil in the final round, during the Copa América, only one country is often mentioned. That country is Argentina, an equally dominant nation throughout the tournament. Many people are waiting for the classic Argentina vs Brazil duel to happen again in the upcoming Copa América final.

Apparently, it’s not just football fans who want Brazil to meet Argentina in the final of the Copa América. Brazilian retainer Neymar also admitted that he wanted the match to really happen. If asked to choose Colombia or Argentina, Paris Saint-Germain’s retainer admitted that he expected Brazil to meet Argentina.

After Brazil’s win against Peru, Neymar was asked which country he would like to face in the final. “I want to face Argentina, I look forward to them getting to the final.” Neymar replied, as quoted via Reuters. “I have some friends there (in Argentina) and in the final match, Brazil will win.”

Most Anticipated Reunion

Neymar, of course, is enthusiastic about welcoming the Copa América final because if Brazil meets Argentina, Neymar will meet some of his best friends. The Brazilian was able to meet his PSG team-mates, ngel Di María and Leandro Paredes. He also has the opportunity to reunite with his former teammate, Lionel Messi.

The meeting between Neymar and Messi as two players who are opposite camps are clearly awaited by everyone. Moreover, both of them appeared so impressive throughout the 2021 edition of the Copa América. Neymar is currently the creator of the Brazilian attack, as is Messi who has a role as the leader of the La Albiceleste attack.

The two Copa América stars had previously played for the same club, Barcelona. Together with Luis Suárez, Messi and Neymar form a deadly trio that is often referred to as the MSN trio. The trio appeared so impressive and were even able to bring Azulgrana to win the 2014/2015 Champions League season.

Previous Classic Duel Record

As already mentioned, the duel between Argentina vs Brazil is one of the classic duels between countries. In the previous edition of the Copa América, Brazil also challenged Argentina, to be precise in the semifinals. Unfortunately for Argentina, Brazil came out victorious and in the end became champions after defeating Peru in the final party.

Despite having met Brazil in the previous edition of the Copa América, Argentina have never challenged their rivals at the top of the same tournament. Argentina last challenged Brazil in the 2007 edition of the Copa América. But at that time, it was again Brazil who came out victorious with the final result three goals without reply in Venezuela.

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