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  • Share – The Concacaf Group C event will be held again in the middle of this week and can be enjoyed by all African football fans. The match at the Concacaf event does not feel like it has entered its third week and there have been many surprises presented. In this case, Group C is quite the public spotlight because there are still at least two teams that are closely attached to each other at the top of the standings.

Not only that, even the two teams that are now tightly attached to each other in Group C of the Concacaf event will be met in the middle of this week. Suddenly this made the African public very curious because the two African giants this week will be reported and brought together.

The match in question is Costa Rica vs Jamaica which will be held on Wednesday, 21 July 2021 at 06.00 WIB. This match is expected to be quite fierce because both sides are in a positive trend. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are very interested in and highlight the Costa Rica versus Jamaica party.

It should also be noted that these two teams are still as strong as collecting the exact same points in Group C of the event Concacaf Gold Cup this. Therefore, it is estimated that the Costa Rica versus Jamaica party will be very crucial for the two camps who are currently having very high ambitions.

Costa Rica Has A Greater Chance To Win

Many people predict that the Costa Rican army will be able to achieve victory against Jamaica even with difficulty. This follows the previous match which showed that the Costa Rican team performed very well.

In this case, many people think that the Costa Rican troops have found a standard game. The tactics and strategies used by the coach during the previous match against Suriname were amazingly successful. The communication between the lines built by the Costa Rican troops at that time was also quite impressive.

It could be that if the Costa Rican troops will return to play like that, then the Jamaican troops must be prepared to be overwhelmed by the aggressiveness of the Costa Rican front row. In this case Costa Rica is also expected to dominate the match more because the midfield is a little more solid and compact.

But on the other hand, the Costa Rican troops also have to be extra careful because their defense has not yet been fully impressive. Even several times in the previous match, Costa Rica’s rearguard often made unnecessary mistakes.

Jamaica Relys On Its Wing Speed

In stark contrast to Costa Rica, which relies more on midfielders, this is inversely proportional to the stronghold Jamaica. Jamaica troops are known as a team that rarely builds attacks from the middle when competing.

This is because Jamaica’s midfield is less able to hold the ball longer and ends up often sending passes to the wings. While the Jamaican wing line is famous for being very fast when carrying the ball.

Finally, until now, the Jamaican squad is often referred to as a team that often relies on its wing speed. In this case, on the Jamaican flank there is the figure of Leon Bailey who is expected to trouble the Costa Rican troops. It is estimated that the Costa Rica vs Jamaica match will be very crucial, especially for a Bailey who is a mainstay for Jamaica.

Predicted Soccer Score Between Costa Rica vs Jamaica

When it comes to score predictions, of course, the Costa Rican troops are more favored by the stock exchange online gambling because the game is still more mature. In addition, materially the players of the Costa Rican army are also superior to the Jamaican troops. Therefore, the Costa Rica vs Jamaica match is expected to be won by Costa Rica with a thin score 2 – 1.

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