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Croatia vs Scotland Prediction 23 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgCroatia will host Scotland in the 3rd round of EURO 2020 group D 2020/21, Wednesday (23/6/21) in Hampden Park Stadium. Luka Modric has to prove his word that they deserve to qualify for the group stage. If you look at its current position, of course, the Croatian national team can’t be better than England or the Czech Republic.

The absence of rejuvenation of qualified players made the Croatian national team unable to run smoothly. Now they are ranked third in the group D phase after only being able to collect one point from a draw in the second round.

Against the Czech Republic national team alone they looked overwhelmed. Now the Croatian national team can only hope for luck.

Moreover, their performance is increasingly declining week. But it is very fatal if they are not able to win against a team like Scotland.

Some of the line ups brought by the Croatian national team were not as good as during the 2018 World Cup. It would be a pity if they were not able to qualify for the group phase.

Even if they are able to win they have to work extra to get a big score. Because the determination of the four teams that will qualify is seen from the aggregate goals.

Even if they have to accept the worst case scenario to stay in third place until the end. But the problem does not end there if they enter the last 16 then they will most likely meet a more difficult one than England.

  • Beware of All Possibilities

If they were able to win then the total possible score would be four. So that their fate will be determined when the English national team will host the Czech Republic national team.

Let’s say that the English national team is able to win this week, then if the Croatian national team has the same fate their points will be 4. As for the victory, at least the Croatian national team needs to win by a minimum difference of 3-0.

It will affect their aggregate. If the English national team is only able to win 1-0 against the Czech Republic national team, the opportunity will be even greater.

But of course the Scottish national team must win with more aggregate. Because so far they have only been able to collect one goal with two conceded.

The Scottish national team is not an easy opponent to beat. Moreover, the Scottish national team was able to do better when the Croatian national team was unable to face the English national team.

The obstacle so far that the Croatian national team has is not having a creative striker. As for they have midfielders Luka Modric, but some of the other players seemed to make it difficult for him.

Some of the forward players are sometimes not always right on their positioning. On the other hand they lack the ball supply to the middle. If they are able to improve on these points then it is certain that the result will be much better than the last match.

  • Improve Coordination Between Players

Being able to appear alert when facing the England national team is a good value for the Scottish national team. Their struggle is quite commendable for being able to avoid defeat.

But unfortunately, with the points and aggregates they have, they are not able to make their position at EURO 2020 improve. If they are not able to get a win then it is certain that EURO 2020 will be a memory.

So like it or not they have to play optimally and improve their consistency. Of course, the opportunity is quite large, although less convincing.

Croatia vs Scotland Prediction 23 June 2021
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Of course, with the downturn so far, the Croatian national team is determined to win. In addition, the Scottish national team will not easily give up. It seems that this match is predictable judi slot online Croatian national team will only win narrowly.

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Estimated line-up for Croatia vs Scotland:

(Croatia) : D. Livaković; D. Vida, D. Lovren, S. Vrsaljko, J. Gvardiol, L. Modrić, I. Perišić, M. Kovačić, J. Brekalo, A. Kramarić, A. Rebić.

Manager: Z. Dalic.

(Scotland) : D. Marshall; G. Hanley, S. O’Donnell, A. Robertson, K. Tierney, C. McGregor, J. McGinn, S. McTominay, B. Gilmour, C. Adams, L. Dykes.

Manager : S. Clarke.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Croatia vs Scotland
16/10/13 WQE Scotland 2-0 Croatia
08/06/13 WQE Croatia 0-1 Scotland
27/03/08 FRI Scotland 1-1 Croatia
01/09/01 WQE Scotland 0-0 Croatia
12/10/00 WQE Croatia 1-1 Scotland
18/06/21 EUC Croatia 1-1 Czech Republic
13/06/21 EUC English 1-0 Croatia
07/06/21 FRI Belgium 1-0 Croatia
01/06/21 FRI Croatia 1-1 Armenia
31/03/21 WQE Croatia 3-0 Malta
  • Scotland’s Last 5 Matches
19/06/21 EUC English 0-0 Scotland
14/06/21 EUC Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic
06/06/21 FRI Luxembourg 0-1 Scotland
03/06/21 FRI Netherlands 2-2 Scotland
01/04/21 WQE Scotland 4-0 Faroe Islands

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