Daegu vs United City Prediction June 29, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Daegu vs United City Prediction June 29, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgDaegu will face United City in the 2nd round of the AFC Champions League group phase I 2020/21, Tuesday (29/6/21) at Bunyodkor Stadium. It looks like the Daegu team is trying their luck again in this 2021 season after they have been absent for a year. Meanwhile, the team that just debuted in AFC 2021, the United City team, was lucky enough to avoid their first defeat.

As a team that has just entered the AFC Champions League, United City’s target is to try to survive longer. Of course it is very rational to do because they have just entered this competition.

In previous years this team from the Philippines did not qualify to compete in the AFC Champions League. Because the regulations are not adequate by FIFA.

Now they start with expectations that are not too high. This first match will certainly be the experience needed to develop a stronger team.

So far United City itself is filled with qualified foreign players. Their front line is reinforced by Bienve Maranon from Spain, Jai Ingham from Australia and Kieran Hayes from England.

In their midfield is Amin Nazari from Sweden. At the back they have Jonathan Campbell from the United States and Da Hwon Jung from South Korea. Of course with that power they should be able to last longer.

Daegu vs United City Prediction June 29, 2021
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If you look at his opponent in the first round, of course United City is still categorized as a team that is quite lucky. Because Beijing is a pretty strong team.

With his luck, it can be said that United City is a team that has competing strengths. Maybe because it was his first year, it was only natural that they would still read data from the enemy.

Moreover, the fight against Beijing Guoan is their first fight after a long time without having an international match. At first glance at the performance of the United City team, it seems that they are quite good in the local competition.

Although actually in Filipino football does not have many clubs. In the Philippine football league, there are only six clubs competing in the premier league.

What is more interesting is when United City is able to dominate the standings. United City have won four and lost one in five.

The country’s one team, Kaya ilo ilo, is a team that also fights in AFC Champions League 2021 this. Of course, it will be more exciting because actually this Filipino team is filled with many naturalized teams.

So maybe United City will be able to last longer than other teams. They just need to do a lot of evaluation to improve their coordination.

  • Trying Back Lost Opportunities

The last time he participated in the AFC Champions League was in 2019. Even though at that time Daegu FC still couldn’t compete and had to be knocked out in the group phase.

It seems that when they return to this group stage, Daegu FC looks still not better than the previous seasons. In the first round of the group phase they had to lose against Kawasaki Frontale.

Although actually Daegu FC only narrowly lost 3-2. Of course they have a lot of opportunities.

Daegu vs United City Prediction June 29, 2021
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  • Additional Points required

Daegu FC is said to have more experience to face foreign teams. Unlike United City, which has just joined this competition. But in terms of strength of course United City is much more convincing. This game is predictable judi slot online United City will win.

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Estimated Lineup of Daegu vs United City:

(Daegu) : Choi Yeong-Eun; Kim Jin-Hyuk, Hong Jeong-Un, Kim Woo-Seok, Jeong Tae-Wook, Lee Jin-Yong, Lee Yong-Rae, Hwang Soon-Min, Edgar Silva, Cesinha, Jeong Seung-Won.

Manager: Lee Byung-Geun.

(United City) : R. Müller; Super, D. Villanueva, S. Kane, Manuel Ott, T. Odawara, S. Schröck, J. Porteria, Bienve, H. Minegishi, R. Lopez.

Manager: R. Vidaković.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:


26/06/21 ACL Kawasaki Frontale 3-2 Daegu
06/06/21 KL1 Daegu 1-1 Seoul
30/05/21 KL1 Daegu 1-0 Gangwon
26/05/21 DO Daegu 2-0 Gimhae City
23/05/21 KL1 Daegu 1-0 Jeonbuk Motors
  • United City’s last 5 matches
26/06/21 ACL United City 1-1 Beijing Guoan
09/11/20 PFL United City 1-2 So.
06/11/20 PFL United City 7-1 Stallion
03/11/20 PFL Maharlika 0-10 United City
31/10/20 PFL Mendiola 0-6 United City

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