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Donnarumma is close to PSG, what is the fate of Keylor Navas – Italy’s best goalkeeper is currently a fairly hot conversation after he was able to play well together Italy National Team. Gianluigi Donnarumma is a player who is very busy and is a hot pursuit in the transfer market.

Then since Donnarumma said that he would soon move from AC Milan, suddenly it was immediately highlighted by various media. This is because Donnarumma’s current market value is quite high considering that he is still very young and has great potential. In this case, it seems that not all clubs can buy the services of this young Italian national team player because of the price hit.

Plus, currently Donnarumma is the number one goalkeeper in the Italian national team and has succeeded in becoming Buffon’s successor. In this case, the capacity and capability of a Donnarumma cannot be doubted because his flight hours have been extraordinary.

It’s natural that at this time Donnarumma is a bone of contention for many parties and clubs who are trying to bring him in this season. It seems that Donnarumma’s gait for the future is no longer in the Italian League. Because this talented young goalkeeper is reportedly going to join his new club in the near future, namely PSG.

Donnarumma joins French giants PSG

Looking at the current situation and conditions, it seems that Donnarumma will soon be close to the PSG squad. The reason is that the ongoing negotiations between the player’s agent and PSG’s management have reportedly been going on for a very long time. So that currently the negotiation stage carried out by PSG has entered the completion stage.

Even according to the news circulating, an agreement between the two parties already exists and will be realized in the near future. In this case, PSG reportedly immediately offered a long-term contract for a young Italian goalkeeper, namely: Donnarumma.

PSG management won the struggle and competition in the process of signing Donnarumma which was very tough some time ago. The reason is that those who want the services of a Dommarumma are not only PSG, there are still a lot out there who are after this goalkeeper. Therefore, PSG immediately tried to move quickly and steal a start compared to other clubs in an effort to bring this young Gli Azzurri goalkeeper.

It should also be noted that a few weeks ago the Barcelona management was also trying to target this tall goalkeeper. Barcelona management tried to corner PSG, which had already negotiated with the player. But it’s a shame that Barcelona’s management is still constrained by its financial condition which still has problems.

While PSG are very superior and have never had a problem with their financial condition. Therefore, PSG immediately bought this player with an expensive transfer and a pretty fantastic salary for a goalkeeper.

This is not a problem for PSG because this French giant is known to be very rich in terms of finances. Finally, PSG management won the race for Donnarumma and it is estimated that this player will soon undergo a post-medical test Euro 2020 later.

What is the fate of Keylor Navas who used to be PSG’s main goalkeeper?

The presence and arrival of a Donnarumma is certainly enough to invite polemics and questions for the public who love football. Because, PSG had to be willing to sacrifice his main goalkeeper last season, namely Keylor Navas.

Even though this goalkeeper’s appearance was also quite brilliant and did not show any decline at all with PSG. However, because Donnarumma arrived, many predicted that Keylor Navas would be a sacrifice and would inevitably leave PSG this season.

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