Drama Penalty Shootout Between Spain Escapes, Goalkeepers from Both Camps Become the Spotlight – Asia Despatch

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Drama Penalty Shootout Between Spain Escapes, Goalkeepers from Both Camps Become the Spotlight

AsiaDespatch.org – The top competition in the European Blue Continent, EURO 2020 finally entered the quarter-final phase and the first match was Spain against Switzerland. There are so many who think that almost all the teams in the last eight have their own uniqueness. So it is natural that the public has a hard time guessing who will advance to the next round, namely the semifinals.

Therefore, many people are happy with the Euros this time because there have been many dramas and surprising phenomena. The party that has been eagerly awaited by the public is Spain and Switzerland, which is also the first party in the last eight of Euro 2020.

An exciting and interesting match has spoiled the public eye yesterday between Spain vs Switzerland which is a continuation of the quarter-finals. In this case, the two sides are in a positive trend and have repeatedly obtained impressive results, so it is natural for these two teams to meet. A lot of people predict that this match will be very fierce considering the style of play Spanish and Switzerland is much different.

Therefore, a battle of strategy and tactics is certainly expected to be an interesting spice in the Spanish-Swiss party. It turned out that the opinion of some of the public was right, because in this party Spain had to win hard through a penalty shootout.

Penalty Shootout and Red Card Color This Party

Many think that this party is very suitable to be the opening party in the last eight phase. Sure enough, because the game was just running, Spain was able to vibrate the Swiss goal net which was guarded by Sommer through Alba’s flick.

It should also be noted that the goals scored by Jordi Alba turns out to include an own goal from a Zakaria. This is because Jordi Alba’s flick had defected when it hit the leg of Zakaria, who is of course a Swiss player. Instead of Switzerland coming out of the pressure, it turns out that this is increasingly making it difficult for Switzerland because Spain is playing at the top and slowly knowing between games.

Some great opportunities of course come back but again the front players Spanish had to bow when dealing with Sommer. In the second half, Switzerland was more active and finally managed to score a goal through a cheat from the captain, Shaqiri. But it is a pity that not long after the goal, the Swiss team had to lose one player due to receiving a red card.

Practically, like it or not, Switzerland appeared a little defensive and the score was the same, until this party had to be decided on a penalty shootout. It should also be noted that in this penalty shootout Spain was able to overcome the Swiss resistance and take it to the next stage and phase.

Unai Simon and Sommer Are Outstanding

Lots of views and public eyes were on the goalkeepers from both camps who competed yesterday. Because the two goalkeepers from Spain and Switzerland yesterday appeared very extraordinary and repeatedly made sensational saves. So it’s only natural when the public is currently very warm to discuss Unai simon and Sommer who was like a hero at yesterday’s party.

Sommer, who is a goalkeeper from Switzerland, can be said to be a hero because the attacks from the Matador troops repeatedly can be overcome amazingly. Many also think that the troops Swiss could enter the penalty shootout also because of Sommer’s good performance.

Meanwhile, Unai Simon is also able to prove to the public that he is worthy of being the main goalkeeper of the Matador national team this year. Unai Simon managed to impress and was amazing when he kept the net in the shootout.

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