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England vs Germany Prediction 29 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgEngland will host Germany in the round of 16 of the 2020/21 EURO 2020 season, Tuesday (29/6/21) at Wembley Stadium. With their qualification to the next round, it seems that the English national team still has not found the fighting spirit. On the other hand, the German national team, which is not playing well, will of course struggle to the maximum in this knockout round.

  • Waiting for Harry Kane’s Fighting Spirit

So far the English national team has been able to avoid every match from defeat. As coach Gareth Southgate continues to fight for their performance so that his team can still enjoy enjoying the game.

Unfortunately the movement of the England national team has not achieved what Gareth Southgate wanted. Of course he still wants to see the potential of the players he has.

Moreover, highlighting Harry Kane who in three group stage matches was not so good. But if we look at the figure of Harry Kane, it can be a scary weapon when he is on fire.

Harry Kane himself is a typical striker who has a good level of creativity. So he is sometimes able to score goals even in difficult circumstances.

However, this performance does not seem to have shown its full potential. Because if we look at Harry Kane defending his club Tottenham, the movement is different.

It is very clear that at Tottenham Harry Kane is often protected by several creative midfield roles. So like it or not, Gareth Southgate must create a good plot to make Harry Kane appear prime.

England vs Germany Prediction 29 June 2021
Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/football/2021

If we look at the results of the victory in the three group phase matches, it cannot be separated from the expertise of the pillars at the back. So it is certain that the defenders of the English national team are more prominent than other lines.

This can be seen from the match data where the three defenders of the England national team are at the top when viewed from the performance segment. For example, Reece James got a rating of 7.8 then there was Luke Shaw with a rating of 7.78 then Harry Maguire 7.7.

Meanwhile, forwards like Harry Kane did not make it into the top 5 to 7 ranks. Although side midfielder Mason Mount is in fourth and Jack Grealish is seventh.

This proves that Gareth Southgate needs to increase the pounding power of the midfielders and forwards. Let’s just say that the defenders of the English team are already at a safe point.

But what is needed to get a goal is the coordination of the midfielders and also the forwards. The movements of the midfielders and forwards themselves were not as expected due to the lack of creative players.

Maybe fate could be different if Gareth Southgate use other attack strategies. For example, applying the strategy of three attackers and four midfielders.

  • No Better Than England

Many say that the German national team is very strong and consistent. Actually the statement is not wrong, but the statement may be appropriate to be embedded when the German national team is in 2014.

When you look at the movement of Joachim Low’s foster children, of course, this is far from what is expected. Although indeed the German national team at least has qualified from the most difficult group.

Of course, Joachim Low knows best about the condition of his team. Moreover, in the group phase they have been accustomed to difficult things.

England vs Germany Prediction 29 June 2021
Source: https://thumb.besoccer.com/scripts/tmp_images/goal_germany

If you look at the time they faced Portugal 4-2, it is certain that the morale of the German team rose dramatically. But unfortunately his performance fell again when facing Hungary. Looking at the comparison of the struggle between the two strong teams, it seems that the German national team is predicted by casino online will win narrowly.

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Estimated line-up for England vs Germany:

(English) : J. Pickford; K. Walker, H. Maguire, J. Stones, L. Shaw, J. Grealish, K. Phillips, D. Rice, B. Saka, H. Kane, R. Sterling.

Manager : G. Southgate.

(German) : M. Neuer; M. Hummels, A. Rüdiger, M. Ginter, R. Gosens, T. Kroos, İ. Gündoğan, J. Kimmich, K. Havertz, S. Gnabry, L. Sané.

Manager: J. Loew.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
11/11/17 FRI English 0-0 German
23/03/17 FRI German 1-0 English
27/03/16 FRI German 2-3 English
20/11/13 FRI English 0-1 German
27/06/10 WOC German 4-1 English
23/06/21 EUC Czech Republic 0-1 English
19/06/21 EUC English 0-0 Scotland
13/06/21 EUC English 1-0 Croatia
06/06/21 FRI English 1-0 Romania
03/06/21 FRI English 1-0 Austria
24/06/21 EUC German 2-2 Hungary
19/06/21 EUC Portugal 2-4 German
16/06/21 EUC French 1-0 German
08/06/21 FRI German 7-1 Latvia
03/06/21 FRI German 1-1 Denmark

Regards, Debate ball.

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