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England vs Scotland Prediction 19 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgEngland will host Scotland in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group D 2020/21, Saturday (19/6/21) at Wembley Stadium. Winning in the first round of this EURO does not make the England national team superior. Their monotonous game will not guarantee even though hopes of qualifying for the group stage are very high.

Seeing an ordinary match when they beat the Croatian national team 1-0, Southgate still doesn’t look good at changing this team. From the first the problems of the English national team are still at the same point where they haven’t changed much.

From the days of Wayne Rooney the England national team had mental problems. In fact, when viewed from the line up they have some very good players.

League regulations that make local players less developed is one of the problems that the English national team has. Every year they are not able to develop talented players.

Some players tend to be ordinary players and lose to foreign players. So that Gareth Southgate was quite strange in determining the line up.

Although in fact some players like Raheem Sterling are quite good at playing their roles. But we see Harry Kane who is constantly unable to take advantage of opportunities.

Plus Phil Foden’s less creative movements seem to add to the gloom of their right line. So of course they are just speculating without direction.

England vs Scotland Prediction 19 June 2021
Source: https://sportshub.cbsistatic.com/i/r/

Actually, the English national team lacks a strong leader. Plus they lost a generation of creative midfielders like Steven Gerrard and Lampard.

Of course, they find it difficult to find fresh paths to add to the coffers of goals. Some players tend to make frequent mistakes or do too many individual actions for nothing.

When viewed when they were able to beat Croatia in the first round, England’s game tends to be monotonous. Several passes were received lazily by the players.

There are no players who insist or maybe make interceptions. Some of the passes are sometimes too weak and easy to read by the opponent.

The disease seemed to continue to approach the British national team. Even in the era of the best courtiers like Wayne Rooney or Gigs alone there is always the same problem.

Southgate himself was of course chosen as coach in the hope of changing all that. Although so far they are still not able to do what the fans expect.

This match will certainly be a match for their quality. It is obvious that the English national team should be able to qualify from this group stage.

Especially if to get a safe opportunity then the British national team is the champion. Whatever happens, of course, the fans’ hope is that they can last forever at EURO 2020.

Control of the ball 58 percent and 9 more shots did not make the Scottish national team able to change the situation. In fact, when viewed statistically the Czech Republic national team is very depressed.

This misfortune certainly makes the Scottish national team at the bottom of the standings. This time they will have a test that is quite severe so they may be very difficult to endure.

Maybe Steve Clarke will play more defensive strategies and take advantage of counter attacks. The bus parking strategy is one strategy that can be carried out by the Scottish national team.

England vs Scotland Prediction 19 June 2021
Source : https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/640/cpsprodpb/104F5/production/_115450866_hi064318309.jpg

No matter what happened in the first round, of course Southgate must continue to bring this team to achieve full points. In fact, they are very capable. But it all comes back to the credibility of the players. England national team predicted judi slot online will win again.

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Estimated line-up for England vs Scotland:

(English) : J. Pickford; K. Walker, K. Trippier, J. Stones, T. Mings, M. Mount, K. Phillips, D. Rice, P. Foden, H. Kane, R. Sterling.

Manager : G. Southgate.

(Scotland) : D. Marshall; G. Hanley, D. Gallagher, S. O’Donnell, A. Robertson, K. Tierney, C. McGregor, J. McGinn, S. McTominay, C. Adams, L. Dykes.

Manager : S. Clarke.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H England vs Scotland
10/06/17 WQE Scotland 2-2 English
12/11/16 WQE English 3-0 Scotland
19/11/14 FRI Scotland 1-3 English
15/08/13 FRI English 3-2 Scotland
18/11/99 ECQ English 0-1 Scotland
13/06/21 EUC English 1-0 Croatia
06/06/21 FRI English 1-0 Romania
03/06/21 FRI English 1-0 Austria
01/04/21 WQE English 2-1 Poland
28/03/21 WQE Albania 0-2 English
  • Scotland’s Last 5 Matches
14/06/21 EUC Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic
06/06/21 FRI Luxembourg 0-1 Scotland
03/06/21 FRI Netherlands 2-2 Scotland
01/04/21 WQE Scotland 4-0 Faroe Islands
29/03/21 WQE Israel 1-1 Scotland

Regards, Debate ball.

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