Finland vs Russia Prediction June 16, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Finland vs Russia Prediction June 16, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgFinland will host Russia in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group B phase 2020/21, Wednesday (16/6/21) in Gazprom Arena Stadium. Victory against Denmark was purely beyond expectations. Finland’s national team is still lucky and maybe they will take advantage of that luck.

  • Maximizing the Golden Opportunity

The incident when facing Christian Eriksen of the Danish national team did make football fans around the world sad. Even though Christian Eriksen is said to be okay.

Of course, the victory against the Danish national team was a bit of a bonus for the Finnish national team. Because with this incident the Danish national team was not focused for the rest of the game.

The victory made a bit of luck for the Finnish national team. But that does not mean they will be safe when facing the Russian national team.

Because when viewed the Finnish national team game is not so good. What stood out the most was their slightly unlucky defensive line.

Some opportunities were not able to be used properly. Moreover, to create opportunities that pierced felt less than optimal.

The goal that was created was pure luck because it was the condition of the opponent who immediately dropped. For possession of the ball, the Finnish national team was only able to get 30 percent.

Whatever the opponent does is actually better, but because of this incident, the Finnish national team has more advantages. Now they will face a different and definitely stronger national team.

Finland vs Russia Prediction June 16, 2021
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  • Learn From Past Games

The lack of creativity in the game of the Finnish national team made Markku Kanerva as a coach have to think harder. In fact, by lowering more defenders, they only become easy targets for opponents.

The effort to create a counter-attack seems to be less than optimal when you look at the condition of the players. The Finnish national team lacked fast players which made it difficult for them to counter-attack.

Markku Kanerva should have changed his strategy if he wanted to give his team more chances. Indeed, basically the first match was prepared to hold a draw because Markku Kanerva wanted to play it safe.

The luck of his victory was purely a bonus. But Markku Kanerva won’t be able to continue to take advantage of the bonus.

Now they will face a team that is very ready to take down their opponent. If they only survive then it will definitely become the butt of the opponent.

In addition, if you continue to apply the defensive game, it will be too burdensome for the defenders. So to create opportunities will be very difficult.

Of course Markku Kanerva did have a hand. However, the playing style of the Finnish national team is very outdated and not much has changed.

All results will certainly return to the consistency of their foster children. However, they must avoid defeat in order to survive longer.

Losing against the Belgian national team was indeed a crushing blow for the Russian national team. Every opportunity has been done well but it seems the opponent is stronger.

With this defeat, Stanislav Cherchesov certainly got meaningful experience. As a coach, of course, he is aware that they have a lot to learn to improve themselves.

As for the opponent this time, of course, the Russian national team is more favored. So far the meeting record is still held by the Russian national team.

Finland vs Russia Prediction June 16, 2021
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The previous defeat should have made the Russian national team rise. Because one of their efforts is to maximize the match apart from facing the Belgian team. With a predictable record online soccer betting site that the Russian national team will win even if narrowly.

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Estimated Line-up Finland vs Russia:

(Finland) : L. Hrádecký; J. Raitala, P. Arajuuri, J. Toivio, L. Väisänen, R. Schüller, R. Lod, P. Soiri, G. Kamara, J. Pohjanpalo, M. Forss.

Manager : M. Kanerva.

(Russia) : A. Shunin; Y. Zhirkov, A. Semenov, G. Dzhikiya, V. Karavaev, A. Ionov, M. Ozdoev, R. Zobnin, D. Barinov, A. Golovin, A. Dzyuba.

Manager: S. Cherchesov.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
11/06/09 WQE Finland 0-3 Russia
15/10/08 WQE Russia 3-0 Finland
15/11/95 ECQ Russia 3-1 Finland
16/08/95 ECQ Finland 0-6 Russia
  • Finland’s last 5 matches
12/06/21 EUC Denmark 0-1 Finland
04/06/21 FRI Finland 0-1 Estonia
29/05/21 FRI Sweden 2-0 Finland
01/04/21 FRI Switzerland 3-2 Finland
29/03/21 WQE Ukraine 1-1 Finland
13/06/21 EUC Belgium 3-0 Russia
05/06/21 FRI Russia 1-0 Bulgaria
02/06/21 FRI Poland 1-1 Russia
31/03/21 WQE Slovakia 2-1 Russia
27/03/21 WQE Russia 2-1 Slovenia

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