Flashing at the Euros, Arsenal are interested in signing Renato Sanches – Asia Despatch

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Flashing at the Euros, Arsenal are interested in signing Renato Sanches

AsiaDespatch.org – Every Euro show is held, almost every period always brings out potential talents from various countries. The reason is that this event is the right time as well as a momentum to show their talents in their respective countries.

Not only that, the highest event in Europe is also a stepping stone before going further. This is because in the Euro event all players who shine will automatically increase their market value. So it’s no wonder so many players are currently competing to show their class so that many giant clubs are willing to target him.

In this case, many players have been able to show their fangs at this Euro 2020. A lot of them have increased their market prices even though the Euro has only been running for about two weeks. Although Euro 2020 It’s not over yet, there are so many giant European clubs that are scattered and competing for their dream player.

If you look a little at the English League, there is one club that seems to be quite stretched in the turmoil of the transfer market this summer. The club is Arsenal, which is currently eyeing the player of his dreams, namely Renato Sanches, a mainstay midfielder from Portugal. In this case, it seems that the negotiations will speed up as Sanches has already returned from the Euros.

Renato Sanches Becomes Portugal’s Midfield General

The public seems to have known a lot that some time ago Portugal had a bit of a stalemate in the inaugural match. Especially in the first half when Portugal in the match against Hungary seemed to lack creativity in the middle row. In this case, the Portuguese troops don’t seem to have a midfield general who can go up and down in the middle area.

Finally Fernando Santos decided to include a Renato Sanches known to be very tough. After this anchor midfielder entered, finally Portugal’s game looks much more lively and neater game. Suddenly since the party, the Portuguese troops finally decided to continue to rely on this figure of Renato Sanches.

Almost every game this player continues to carry out a very central and vital task in Portugal’s midfield. It’s no wonder this player stood out so much when Portugal controlled the attack through the middle. In fact, almost all duels that occur in the midfield, the figure of Renato Sanches is always often involved. Therefore, many people refer to this player as a Portuguese machine that never stops running in Portugal’s midfield.

Arsenal Interested in Signing Renato Sanches This Season

The London giant is Arsenal Currently, it seems to have prepared fresh funds whose value is quite fantastic. The reason is that it is impossible for Arsenal to prepare a small amount of funds while currently Arsenal are looking for a lot of players. Therefore, many think that Arsenal are preparing to spend big on the transfer market for the 2021/2022 season.

In this case, it is reported that several well-known and quality names have been included in Arsenal’s management shopping cart. Even Arsenal reportedly will be eyeing one star Portugal and ready to redeem his contract clause which is quite fantastic.

The player is Renato Sanches, Arsenal management seems to be very serious about the hunt for this Portuguese midfielder. Because this season Arsenal lost a lot of midfielders which required the ranks of the London Meriam officials to immediately find a replacement.

In this case, Arsenal’s management is very confident that the figure of Renato Sanches is the most appropriate option. It is said that Arsenal are now slowly negotiating and in the near future the London Cannon will soon inaugurate this stocky player.

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