Forced at right-back, Jules Kunde is difficult to develop – Asia Despatch

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Forced at right-back, Jules Kunde is difficult to develop – All the public seems to have known that at the Event Euro 2020, there is one match closing the group phase which is very fierce. The party in question is the last match carried out by group F teams in order to maintain the opportunity to qualify.

It should also be noted that a total of four countries in Group F yesterday all still had a chance to qualify. So the match with each other will depend a lot on all the sides who are clashing with each other. But finally Group F managed to give birth to three countries that managed to qualify, namely France, Portugal, as well as Germany.

In this case, of course, a very interesting match to watch is the Portugal vs France star war party. Because in this match, France and Portugal both carried a very high mission and prestige. So it was natural for the two teams to play with a fairly high intensity since the referee’s whistle sounded.

Even protests and hard tackles also colored this hot match between Portugal and France. So many people are currently giving the opinion that the match is a sweet match as a closing.

France Fails to Revenge Against Portugal

Of course, many already know that the French troops certainly carry a special mission in the party against Portugal. This is due to the long tail after France was bent by Portugal in the Euro 2016 final.

Practically these memories remain imprinted on the French camp and are very difficult to erase from the memory of the French players. So like it or not, in yesterday’s match the Rooster troops carried a special mission, namely revenge against Portugal. Some people claim that France wants to avenge the past after they did not move in the final of Euro 2016.

However, it seems that the ambition of revenge has not succeeded, because the draw colored the match. Practical now French National Team had to be patient and bury his dream for a while regarding a revenge mission against Portugal.

However, even though the Rooster’s side reaped a draw, the French troops were still able to provide a surprise. Because the French troops managed to add one point and at the same time emphasized that Deschamps’ team came out as group winners. So this is a very flashy achievement considering that Group F is the toughest group in this four-year event.

Jules Kunde Undeveloped At Right-Back

Despite the ferocity of France, in yesterday’s match the Rooster troops still had some very visible weak points. So it is necessary for some time to come Didier Deschamps immediately make changes and improvements in the squad.

According to news circulating, the French right-back mainstay yesterday experienced discomfort in his muscle, namely Pavard. This fast player finally had to sit on the bench first for a while until he was fit again.

Finally, inevitably the coach Didier Deschamps put Jules Kunde in the right-back position to replace a Pavard. It should also be noted that Jules Kounde’s original position was central defender at Sevilla, so when playing at right-back Kounde looked difficult. Practically yesterday the French attack from the right wing seemed more passive because Kounde very rarely penetrated.

This is what caused France yesterday to seem very minimal opportunities, especially from the right side. But apart from that, French supporters still give full appreciation to Kounde who is able to fight in a position that is not his original.

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