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Germany vs Hungary Prediction June 24, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgThe German national team will host the Hungarian national team in the 3rd round of EURO 2020 Group F 2020/21, Thursday (24/6/21) at Allianz Arena Stadium. With a proud victory in the second round, the German national team was a little confident. It is very unethical if they are not able to maximize the last round in this group stage.

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With some pretty impressive results, at least the German national team was able to treat his wounds a little. However, their struggle is not over yet. They still have a lot to fix, especially on the front and back lines. It is a pity that they were not able to maximize in the first round.

But then let it pass where they now have to move forward quickly. Moreover, the German national team is one of the favorite teams to qualify in the group phase. Of course, the struggles of Joshua Kimmich and Toni Kroos must be more stringent and consistent. The reason is that they cannot provide convenience for the team they will meet later. Against the Hungarian national team is a little tricky. Where they must be able to maximize the pounding power of the German national team midfielder.

Let’s say Joachim Low will still lower the line-up yesterday against the Portugal national team. From there it can be concluded that Low really wants to give more space to Serge Gnabry. However, this strategy is quite capable of working better when balanced with a solid defense. It seems that the German national team itself is still a little difficult to maintain its defense line.

Germany vs Hungary Prediction June 24, 2021
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Although the Hungarian national team does not have star players who are quite brilliant, some of their sides are strong in defense. So that the German national team itself must reduce its best striker.

But what you need to watch out for is when the enemy is enjoying the attack too much but will have a hard time getting a counterattack. This is what the Hungarian national team often does. They often wait for their opponents to be frustrated with their bus parking defensive strategy. After being caught off guard, the Hungarian national team mobilized fast players to immediately counterattack. This was actually used by the Portuguese national team. But unfortunately the Portuguese national team was not matched by a solid defense.

So that the German national team was able to slightly mobilize the ability of the front lines in scoring goals. Of course the German national team can do the same and maybe even better. The German national team itself seems to have a better chance. They will of course lower Muller and Kai Havertz to become a nuisance to the opposing defense.

And it seems their midfielders are the real spearhead. They did this at the expense of Serge Gnabry as an angler. If they are still consistent maybe they will get better results.

Even though they are often bullied, the Hungarian national team is still able to become a troublesome national team for their opponents. This time they will definitely lower their flagship strategy. They will prepare the bus parking mainstay strategy while waiting for the opposing team to be frustrated. Every national team that always appears to attack must have weaknesses. Somehow this Hungarian team is sometimes able to take advantage of this negligence. If they find the opponent’s weakness, of course the Hungarian team will be able to last longer.

Germany vs Hungary Prediction June 24, 2021
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The German national team itself does not have time to lose, let alone draw. They must continue to get full points to qualify for the round of 16. This match is predicted to be won by the German national team.

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Estimated line-up for Germany vs Hungary:

(German) : M. Neuer; M. Hummels, A. Rüdiger, M. Ginter, R. Gosens, T. Kroos, İ. Gündoğan, J. Kimmich, K. Havertz, T. Müller, S. Gnabry.

Manager: J. Loew.

(Hungary) : P. Gulácsi; A. Fiola, L. Négo, E. Botka, V. Orban, Attila Szalai, L. Kleinheisler, R. Sallai, Á. Nagy, A. Schäfer, Ádám Szalai.

Manager : M. Rossi.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
04/06/16 FRI German 2-0 Hungary
30/05/10 FRI Hungary 0-3 German
06/06/04 FRI German 0-2 Hungary
15/08/01 FRI Hungary 2-5 German
12/10/94 FRI Hungary 0-0 German

Germany’s last 5 matches

19/06/21 EUC Portugal 2-4 German
16/06/21 EUC French 1-0 German
08/06/21 FRI German 7-1 Latvia
03/06/21 FRI German 1-1 Denmark
01/04/21 WQE German 1-2 Macedonia
19/06/21 EUC Hungary 1-1 French
15/06/21 EUC Hungary 0-3 Portugal
09/06/21 FRI Hungary 0-0 Republic of Ireland
05/06/21 FRI Hungary 1-0 Cyprus
01/04/21 WQE Andorra 1-4 Hungary

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