Guangzhou FC vs Kitchee Prediction June 30, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Guangzhou FC vs Kitchee Prediction June 30, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgGuangzhou FC will face Kitchee in Round 3 of the AFC Champions League Group J 2020/21, Wednesday (30/6/21) at Chang Arena Stadium. After losing in the second half it seems Kitchee FC will try to get back up this time. As a team that has not yet won, Guangzhou FC is still struggling.

  • Learn From First Loss

Appearing quite dominant in the first half did not make Kitchee FC able to maintain its consistency. Unfortunately, the victory at the beginning of the round was not able to make good capital.

Defeat against Cerezo Osaka is very visible that Kitchee FC is more dominant to field several defenders. So it is certain that they cannot control the match well.

Especially when you look at Cerezo Osaka’s movement which always starts with a quick attack. For some reason Kwong Alex Chu as a coach directed his team to survive.

Whereas when facing Port FC and able to beat it 2-0, Kitchee FC used a standard formation with two attackers and four midfielders. So that when Port FC surrounded them, at least Kitchee FC was able to launch a counter-attack strategy.

So far Kitchee FC is more dominant in defending than attacking. So, of course, they will be in trouble.

Despite being able to win in the first round against Port FC, they couldn’t be better in terms of possession. This is something that the coach doesn’t seem to fix.

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  • Doubtful Consistency

It seems that his opponent this time was not as strong as the two teams they faced in the first and second rounds. But keep in mind that the Guangzhou team itself is a team that relies on counter attacks.

When facing Port FC alone, Kitchee FC is terrible at passing accuracy. They did a quarter pass from Port FC.

Their passing accuracy is 69 percent so it can be said that many of their passes do not arrive. Fortunately they were able to take advantage of Port FC’s mistakes so it can be said that Kitchee FC was quite clever.

They got their first goal in the 37th minute through individual action from Roberto Junior. After the first goal took place they were further into the defensive zone.

Then they were able to take advantage of Port FC’s negligence again in the 79th minute. The goal was scored thanks to the cooperation of Cleiton and Dejan Damjanovic.

With this victory, it seems that Kitchee FC did not try their best to justify their weakness. So when they faced Cerezo Osaka they had to lose 2-1.

Actually as a coach Kwong Alex Chu looks like he wants to do a hit and run strategy. Where they will try to counterattack when the opponent is tired. However, it seems that this strategy will not last forever.

With these two defeats, of course, Guangzhou FC was unable to rise 100 percent. Continuing to decline makes their mental decline even more.

The player resource factor is indeed the main problem in this team. This is indeed one of the biggest obstacles.

So of course they have to find a way to be able to get points. If they are able to discipline the back line to the maximum, of course the results will likely be different. Like it or not, they have to play all-out in this match.

Guangzhou FC vs Kitchee Prediction June 30, 2021

Even though Guangzhou FC are still in a slump, they haven’t really lost hope. With two defeats obtained should teach an important lesson. Of course facing Kitchee FC will be one further test of endurance. Seeing the strength of the two predicted by online slot gambling site in This match will end in a draw.

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Estimated Line-up Guangzhou FC vs Kitchee :

(Guangzhou FC) : Zhang Jianzhi; Chen Quanjiang, Zhang Zhihao, Wang Tianqing, Chen Rijin, Liao Jintao, Ruan Sai, Chen Zhengfeng, Zhang Zili, Fan Hengbo, Huang Kaizhou.

Manager : F. Cannavaro.

(Kitchee) : Paulo Cesar; Daniel Cancela, Beto, Hélio Gonçalves, Park Jun-Hyung, Law Tsz Chun, Cleiton, Raúl Baena, Huang Yang, Orr Matthew Elliot Wing Kai, D. Damjanović.

Manager: Chu Chi Kwong.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Guangzhou FC vs Kitchee


  • Guangzhou FC . Last 5 Games
27/06/21 ACL Port 3-0 Guangzhou FC
24/06/21 ACL Guangzhou FC 0-2 Cherry Osaka
09/05/21 CSL Cangzhou Mighty Lions 0-2 Guangzhou FC
02/05/21 CSL Guangzhou FC 2-0 Shenzhen
27/04/21 CSL Shandong Taishan 1-0 Guangzhou FC
27/06/21 ACL Cherry Osaka 2-1 Kitchee
24/06/21 ACL Kitchee 2-0 Port
23/05/21 PRL Kitchee 2-0 Eastern
19/05/21 PRL Pegasus 2-1 Kitchee
15/05/21 PRL Kitchee 0-1 Lee Man

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