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Harry Kane gets support to shine again in England vs Germany vs

AsiaDespatch.org – UEFA events Euro 2020 should be the stage for Harry Kane to shine with the England national team. Unfortunately, the Tottenham Hotspur striker is still lacking in goals in the four-year competition. However, Kane is believed to be able to start shining again when England clash against Germany later.

Kane’s Performance Difference

At the 2018 World Cup yesterday, Harry Kane appeared so impressive that he became one of the most feared strikers in the tournament. Throughout the tournament, Kane has scored six goals against opponents. He was also named the top scorer of the tournament between the world’s largest countries.

Unfortunately, at Euro 2020, Kane’s appearance seemed to have changed 180 degrees from his appearance at the 2018 World Cup. As of now, England have played three times at Euro 2020. While Kane has never listed his name on the scoreboard for the Three Lions squad.

Kane’s declining performance at the national team level has also made Tottenham Hotspur’s mainstay striker received some criticism. Some England supporters even think Kane needs to be left out. The supporters are of the opinion that due to his poor form, Kane should be temporarily removed from the starting XI of the landing team Gareth Southgate.

Can Shine Again

Kane’s performance so far does look very disappointing, especially when compared to his performance at the World Cup yesterday. However, there are still those who believe that Kane can still shine. The person who believes it is former England and Spurs player Glenn Hoddle.

England will meet Germany in the Euro 2020 round of 16 match. Hoddle revealed that Kane could prove that he was not finished in the match. The former Tottenham Hotspur retainer believes that the England vs Germany match will be a means for Kane to answer criticism.

“I believe, in such a short game time, Harry Kane would come back to life, and he should be able to live again. He has to play as a number nine, as a liaison and as a target man. Make sure he plays freer, freer, but has to be consistent in the opponent’s penalty area.”

“Then of course, he needs some services from other players. I think there will be more room for Harry (against Germany). Germany played with a very high defense line, and Neuer was often provoked. So there’s a bit of space, and I think Harry is better placed further forward in this game, as the last player.”

“I think he (Kane) will be included in the starting lineup in the next match (vs Germany). At every turn, he does look exhausted, and he himself may not be happy with his recent style of play. But this match is a typical game that he is ready to play with all his heart.”

Optimistic England beat Germany

Germany will be a tough opponent for Gareth Southgate’s men, but Hoddle remains optimistic his country can go further than the last 16. England National Team There have been two defeats against Germany on penalties in two major competitions. However, according to Hoddle, England can now appear more confident facing penalties.

“This time is a different moment if the game has to end in a penalty shootout. We were predicted to lose, but we broke that prediction when we won against Colombia. I don’t care who will be the opponent in the penalty shootout. The important thing now is that we are a little bit more optimistic and confident.”

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