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AsiaDespatch.org – Houssem Aouar has recently become a hot property that has a lot of interest in this summer transfer in 2021. The French player has become the target of a number of giant teams, especially teams from the Premier League. Now, Lyon have some good news for Aouar fans: they have confirmed the player is up for sale.

Lyon forced to sell Aouar

Performed brilliantly while strengthening Olympique Lyon, Houssem Aouar is now a hot property in the 2021 summer transfer window. Aouar’s impressive performance with Lyon has made him flooded with fans. Several giant European clubs are fighting for his services, especially clubs from the English Premier League competition.

As a player who has quality, Lyon of course does not want to just let Aouar go to another club. But citing the media online slot gambling site with the Daily Express, their financial condition seemed to have left them out of options. Lyon’s financial condition is currently in disarray due to the many deals they have made with television, as well as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to improve financial conditions, Lyon will make various efforts, including selling several players. In fact, to improve their financial condition, Lyon had to sell many players who became valuable assets for them. Aouar is of course included in one of these valuable assets.

Lyon’s plans to sell Aouar this summer seem really serious. The proof, Lyon dared to lower the price of the player’s number 8 back. Last summer, Lyon priced the star at around £50 million. But now, Lyon put the price at half, or only 25 million pounds.

Lyon’s Profits If Selling Aouar Now

The decision Lyon to sell Aouar in the transfer window this summer is of course good news for fans of the player. Some of those clubs include Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus. The clubs now have a more open opportunity to bring Aouar, even at a cheaper price.

Given that Aouar now has a lot of fans, in the end, Lyon themselves will make a profit if they sell him now. The tight competition is likely to result in the emergence of a bargaining war between Aouar fan clubs. In this way, the Aouar price has the potential to rise even higher.

Who Has a Great Chance to Boyong Aouar?

A number of clubs interested in Aouar also certainly glance at Aouar not without reason. The Aouar fans are in need of a new midfielder. Arsenal are looking for additional midfield midfielders, as are Spurs and Juventus. While Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in Aouar to replace a retainer who is in danger of leaving.

Arsenal may be Aouar’s number one fan, especially if you look at the fact that the London Cannon team is often linked with the player. Mikel Arteta is currently in danger of losing some of his mainstay midfielders. Inevitably, he had to find a replacement for these players, and Arteta had long been obsessed with Aouar.

Liverpool and Manchester United are also reportedly interested in Aouar, and they think Aouar can replace their now-departed former midfielder. The Reds assess Aouar can replace the figure of Georginio Wijnaldum. Meanwhile, United think Aouar can replace Paul Pogba, who is in danger of leaving.

On the other hand, Spurs are the team with the greatest chance of getting Aouar’s signature. This is because the Spurs have Tanguy Ndombele, Aouar’s compatriot who also played with him at Lyon, and Aouar would love to reunite with him. Unfortunately, Spurs could not offer Aouar the opportunity to compete in the Champions League.

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