Hungary failed to reach the last 16 of Euro 2020, Marco Rossi criticized Ronaldo – Asia Despatch

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Hungary failed to reach the last 16 of Euro 2020, Marco Rossi criticized Ronaldo – Although joined in a difficult group, Hungary under the direction of Marco Rossi managed to appear impressive. However, Portugal was the only country they could not contain. Marco Rossi also seems to still be annoyed with his team’s defeat, and he also criticizes the behavior of the main striker Seleção das Quinas, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Portugal Smears Positive Trend

Unlucky fate seems to be approaching Hungary right after the group stage draw Euro 2020 took place. How not, Hungary must join in Group F, a group that is often dubbed the ‘Group of Death’. A number of giant country names are included in this group, including Portugal, Germany and France.

Even so, Hungary managed to perform quite well and successfully troubled the giants. In the second match of the group phase, Marco Rossi’s squad managed to hold France to a draw with the final result 1-1. Then in the final match of Group F, Hungary succeeded in forcing Germany to a draw with the final score 2-2.

Unfortunately, in the opening match, Hungary failed to pick up points, even though they could be troublesome in their game Portugal. Portugal took up to 84 minutes long to vibrate the Hungarian nets. But after that, it took them less than ten minutes to increase the coffers of goals to three goals.

Ronaldo is annoying sometimes

The defeat against Portugal became an important defeat that helped determine the fate of Hungary in the Euro 2020 competition. How could I not, thanks to this defeat, Hungary had to lose the opportunity to get one point. In fact, if one point was obtained, they might be able to qualify for the knockout round as one of the best 3rd place.

Hungarian coach Marco Rossi also seems to be still upset over his team’s dramatic defeat against Fernando Santos’ fleet. Rossi was of course annoyed with the Portuguese players, especially at Cristiano Ronaldo who scored a brace in that match. The Italian coach also criticized the Juventus superstar.

One of Ronaldo’s goals in the match against Hungary came via a penalty kick, and the Portuguese striker also celebrated his penalty goal with his trademark goal celebration. Rossi considers Ronaldo’s actions excessive. In fact, according to him, celebrating Ronaldo’s goal is like the celebration that players do when they give birth to goals at the top of the tournament.

To La Gazzetta dello Sport, Rossi said, “Ronaldo is a champion and also a great player, but sometimes, he can be annoying. After the penalty, he celebrated like celebrating a goal in a tournament final. Everyone of course knows about something like this.”

Happy in Hungary

Hungary is currently eliminated from the Euro 2020 competition. But many think that Hungary was eliminated with respect. After all, joining the group called the ‘Group of Death’ isn’t easy to Hungarian National Team. But they managed to trouble the big countries, even almost knocked out one of them.

Rossi’s achievements with Hungary at the Euro 2020 event deserve thumbs up. But Rossi felt guilty for his team’s failure to qualify from the group phase. Rossi did not close his eyes that his team’s appearance was quite impressive. But he still feels guilty for his failure in this four-year tournament.

“Last night, I slept only a quarter of an hour at most, and I thought something was off.” Rossi said, describing his habits during the tournament. “I didn’t think the draw against Germany had made me like this. Of course, I understand we played well, but I want to apologize.”

Many are wondering whether Rossi will one day want to return to his hometown and coach Italy. But Rossi simply replied, “I don’t care about revenge, and I have no interest in going back to Italy. Instead I feel happy to be able to leave a mark for Hungarian football.”

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