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Hungary keeps hope of qualifying for the next round – The Hungarian national team is still filled with excitement. Because they were unexpectedly able to hold off a draw with the world champions, France in the continuation of the EURO 2020 title yesterday. Joined in the hell group, the chances of a squad dubbed The Magical Magyars are very small.

They have to fight with big names like France, Portugal and Germany. Which these countries have tasted the previous EURO title and are now being seeded again to be the winner.

Defeated in the Prime Party

The Hungarian squad started their inaugural match with their heads bowed. As a result of the 0-3 defeat of the visitors, Portugal. Actually from the beginning of the match until the middle of the second half, the defense of the squad Marco Rossi it managed to frustrate the visitors’ attackers.

The Selecao das Quinas squad also controlled the game by successfully controlling the ball 70 percent compared to 30 percent. However, the home team’s defense carried by Willi Orban, Attila Szalai and Endre Botka was able to fend off Portugal’s chances.

Even Peter Gulacsi who acted as the goalkeeper in the match also appeared impressive. The goalkeeper who plays for the RB Leipzig team also managed to deny a total of four kicks on goal.

But unfortunately towards the end of the second half, the focus of the Hungarian squad’s defense was a little loose, possibly due to fatigue. As a result, two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Guerreiro became the scourge of the hosts.

The Hungarian national team ended the match with sadness and disappointment. Three points were handed over to the defending champion, Portugal. Willi Orban and his friends immediately became the caretaker of the standings.

Rise In The Second Match

Competing against a team that was no less strong than the first opponent, Hungary insisted on performing better. All the changes in strategy that have been made by the coach, Marco Rossi became the handle.

The national team, dubbed The Magical Magyars, appeared by relying on physical strength with duels. The tight defense became the main strength of the team that returned to act as the host.

The first half was their happiest moment so far EURO 2020 it’s running. All of the attacks launched by the French national team’s attacking line were successfully dispelled and none of them turned into goals.

Meanwhile, in the seconds before the end of the first half, the Hungarian players successfully opened the scoring for their team. Attila Fiola, defender Fehervar FC made the difference for the team with his goal against Hugo Lloris.

Thanks to a quick counter-attack scheme by relying on his speed, the visitors’ defense was unable to stop him. Meanwhile, Hugo Lloris who acted as the goalkeeper was also unable to block Attila Fiola’s kick.

However, it is very unfortunate because the Hungarian national team managed to concede in the second half. Antoine Griezmann who used the ball gag in the mouth of Peter Gulacsi’s goal became the equalizer.

Until the field referee on duty, Michael Oliver blew the long whistle, no more goals were created. The Magical Magyars squad should be proud because for their hard work they were able to score a draw against the 2018 world champions.

Opportunity to Pass Open

With one point, Hungarian National Team still at the bottom of the group F standings. In the final match they must travel to the city of Munich and play a match against the German national team.

Mandatory to win is the team’s mission in the closing party of Group F. They also have to hope that the Portuguese national team will be defeated by the French national team in other matches. So that they can qualify for the next phase armed with four points and become runners up.

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