In order to get Varane, Man United are ready to include Van de Beek’s name in the agreement – Asia Despatch

  • Share – The English giants, Man United, have been a very wasteful team in the transfer market in the last decade. This was done by the Man United camp so that his team immediately rose from a series of negative records in the last decade.

In addition, Man United is also a club that is still very rich even though this team often experiences internal ups and downs. High sponsors and supporters are the key and the main source of income earned by the ranks of Man United officials. It is not surprising that the Man United camp is almost never left behind in enlivening the transfer market every season.

Recently the Red Devils have brought in a famous player who plays as a striker, namely Sancho. It seems that the forwards have had enough and now the main focus shifts to the back row which still has many weak points.

Several young defenders and have famous names are often reported to be in negotiating contact with the management of Man United. It seems that the news is not nonsense, because Man United’s management has for some time confirmed that it is true that Man United is trying to target a central defender. The strongest name currently being hotly discussed by the public is Varane, who is reportedly going to be close.

Man United ready to involve Van de Beek in Varane transfer

Seriousness Man United in targeting the figure of a central defender is increasingly making the public stunned. Because the Red Devils have never stopped targeting their dream player, who is now in white uniform, namely Raphael Varane.

In this case, the management and officials of Man United consider that the figure of Varane is a player who is suitable to be paired with a Maguire. Many supporters and fans of the Red Devils also support the news of the arrival of this Madrid defender.

Fans consider that their favorite team still needs experienced defenders and of course already has a winning mentality and extraordinary leadership. Recently, there was surprising news about Man United’s efforts to sign Raphael Varane this season.

Reportedly, Man United is ready to make a second option if it is difficult and constrained by the issue of price when bringing in Early. According to some media, Man United is ready to enter the name of the Dutch attacking midfielder in order to get his dream defender. Players who are included in the agreement who else if not Van de Beek who this season has very minimal contribution.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Man United will actually include Van de Beek’s name in order to get a Varane. However, the management of El Real still has not spoken much about the departure of this French defender. Even Madrid reportedly want to try the first option first, namely retaining a Varane.

Van de Beek was interested in Madrid

Currently the public is giving opinion that it is very likely that Madrid will accept the option offered by Man United by involving Van de Beek. Because a few seasons ago, the ranks of El Real officials had an interest in the midfielder from this Windmill country. It seems that the Man United management camp wants to take advantage of this moment and situation as a smoothing for Varane’s arrival.

But on the other hand, many also think that Madrid will think again because Van de Beek has experienced a lot of decline in performance. Therefore, this possibility could be a steep stone for the Red Devils’ top ranks in their efforts to bring in Varane. Negotiations are likely to continue and Man United’s opportunity to bring in the French defender is quite large.

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