Italy vs Switzerland Prediction 17 June 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Italy vs Switzerland Prediction 17 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgItaly will face Switzerland in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group phase A 2020/21, Thursday (17/6/21) in Olympic Stadium Stadium. Currently the Italian national team is running very riveting. Even though the Italian national team is still playing, it has not been separated when facing the Turkish national team.

So far the Italian national team has not been able to be optimal. Because we know that the first match is quite difficult.

Fortunately when facing the Turkish national team they were able to get out of several obstacles. Although the initial round was lived with a typical defensive style and a little more careful.

When viewed from the performance of the Italian national team, they were able to carry out all competitions very well and impressively. They were able to become a team that was unbeaten for more than a year.

Which means that in their maturity level they are very reliable. It is appropriate to say that the Italian national team is one of the potential champion candidates.

They have finished several countries and acted well. Starting from countries that have several star players to even underdog national teams.

When they finished off the Turkish national team 3-0 in the early stages, it proved that Roberto Mancini’s team deserves two thumbs up. Their movement is very dynamic, effective and does not lose much of the ball.

It seems that this match will be passed with enough confidence. If they are able to maintain consistency, they will definitely bring home another three points.

Italy vs Switzerland Prediction 17 June 2021
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  • Maintain Winning Strategy

Roberto Mancini often uses a formation of three strikers, three midfielders and four defenders. And sometimes their defenders can rise to become a defensive midfielder.

It looks quite effective because it can be seen from their match against the Turkish national team. Mancini fielded Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne and Domenico Berardi as the main pillars.

The three strikers are extraordinary able to contribute. The two goals came as a result of good collaboration and stunning individual action.

Although the first goal was purely a bonus goal. But they just got hot after the first goal came.

Their movements are quite open and able to play fast balls. This is what should be done during the first half.

It was in the 66th minute that Ciro Immobile was able to take advantage of the opportunity and there was a goal. Then it happened again in the 79th minute when he again provided opportunities for Lorenzo Insigne.

The two goals from the collaboration are indeed quite interesting and stunning. So that what they get can be a good capital when facing the Swiss national team. Of course Roberto Mancini must maintain the performance of the Italian national team which is currently better.

Hoping to win against the Italian national team is like waiting for the sun to rise from the east. Of course the strength of the Swiss national team is far from enough to face Roberto Mancini’s team.

But they actually have the opportunity to avoid defeat. As long as the Swiss national team is able to change their behavior by not playing in a hurry.

Defensive discipline is a major problem for this national team. Some of their attempts to create chances were not good enough. If they manage to solve the main problem then of course they will be able to fix other problems.

Italy vs Switzerland Prediction 17 June 2021
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With extraordinary experience it seems that the Italian national team will find it easier to face the Swiss national team. Roberto Mancini is also very optimistic that his team will work more optimally. This game is predictable judi slot online will be won by the Italian national team.

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Estimated line-up for Italy vs Switzerland:

(Italy) : G. Donnarumma; L. Bonucci, G. Chiellini, L. Spinazzola, A. Florenzi, Jorginho, N. Barella, M. Locatelli, C. Immobile, L. Insigne, D. Berardi.

Manager : R. Mancini.

(Swiss) : Y. Sommer; R. Rodríguez, F. Schär, K. Mbabu, N. Elvedi, M. Akanji, X. Shaqiri, G. Xhaka, R. Freuler, H. Seferović, B. Embolo.

Manager: V. Petković.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
06/06/10 FRI Swiss 1-1 Italy
13/08/09 FRI Swiss 0-0 Italy
01/06/06 FRI Swiss 1-1 Italy
30/04/03 FRI Swiss 1-2 Italy
10/06/99 ECQ Swiss 0-0 Italy
12/06/21 EUC Turkey 0-3 Italy
05/06/21 FRI Italy 4-0 Czech Republic
29/05/21 FRI Italy 7-0 San Marino
01/04/21 WQE Lithuania 0-2 Italy
29/03/21 WQE Bulgaria 0-2 Italy
12/06/21 EUC Wales 1-1 Swiss
03/06/21 FRI Swiss 7-0 Liechtenstein
31/05/21 FRI Swiss 2-1 United States
01/04/21 FRI Swiss 3-2 Finland
29/03/21 WQE Swiss 1-0 Lithuania

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