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Jeonbuk Motors vs Tampines Rovers Prediction July 1, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgJeonbuk Motors will host Tampines Rovers in the second round of the AFC Champions League phase Group H 2020/21, Thursday (1/7/21) at Lokomotiv National Stadium. Getting his victory in the first party put Jeonbuk Motors in a safe position. While Tampines Rovers had to sink because the first half was not able to be passed well.

Jeonbuk Motors has made a good start. Although they were only able to win narrowly when they beat Chiangrai Utd 2:1.

But at least they were able to get the three points needed to secure the next position. Now they will face a team that is in a slump because it was not able to run smoothly in the first round.

This opportunity should be used to suppress the opponent. However, if they were able to do better than the first round match, then surely this second round would be smoother.

Actually Jeonbuk Motors itself is quite good when viewed from its actions in the local league. In the K league 1 league alone they are now able to be in number two under Ulsan Hyundai.

We need to know that Ulsan Hyundai is a team that is able to win the AFC Champions League 2020. So it can be said that Jeonbuk Motors should not have much different qualities from Ulsan Hyundai. They just haven’t found their best performance yet.

Jeonbuk Motors vs Tampines Rovers Prediction July 1, 2021
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  • Pretty Clever Strategy

After being able to the maximum in the first round, the next test is how to keep the team’s performance on fire. Actually, when facing Chiangrai United, Jeonbuk Motors itself was quite lucky.

The luck was because they got the second goal from the penalty bonus. When viewed from statistical data, it seems that their possession of the ball is not much different from Chiangrai United.

They were only able to get possession of the ball as much as 58 percent. This is also in line with the total shots that are not much different from the opponent.

They had a total of 10 shots with 6 fixed on target, 2 missed and 2 blocked. But what needs to be applauded is the accuracy of the bait from the Jeonbuk Motors team.

They were able to make a total of 586 passes with a passing accuracy of 88 percent. It can be said that their passing accuracy is quite accurate.

What is very unfortunate is their defensive line and goalkeeper who are less brilliant. As a central defender And Ryong Koo not so maximal.

So in the second minute they had to concede. Moreover, Young Lee, who is a full-back, is not very good at making his passes.

Luckily they were able to sink the ball into the opponent’s goal thanks to Seung Ki Lee. Those weaknesses should have been fixed quickly by their coaches.

  • Trying to Earn Points

After losing quite heavily in the first round, it certainly was a crushing blow for Tampines Rovers. They were not able to move when they lost against Gamba Osaka 2-0.

This proves that their coordination is not good in all aspects. Moreover, their back line made a lot of unneeded blunders.

Especially when facing Gamba Osaka, their coach was more directing using a defensive strategy. It is certain that Gamba Osaka will easily dominate the match. If they want to be better then they have to change their strategy.

Jeonbuk Motors vs Tampines Rovers Prediction July 1, 2021
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Not that the early defeat is a slump for Tampines Rovers. They will definitely fight it out. Big homework for Jeonbuk Motors to outsmart this match to get additional points. It seems that Jeonbuk Motors was predicted by online gambling site will win narrowly.

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Estimated Lineup of Jeonbuk Motors vs Tampines Rovers:

(Jeonbuk Motors) : Lee Bum-Young; Hong Jeong-Ho, Lee Yong, Ku Ja-Ryong, Choe Hee-Won, Lee Seung-Gi, Choi Young-Jun, Modou Barrow, T. Kunimoto, Kim Seung-Dae, Gustavo.

Manager: Kim Sang-Sik.

(Tampines Rovers) : S. Buhari; D. Bennett, I. Shah, M. Mohana, R. Sanizal, Y. Hanapi, A. Bošnjak, K. Nakamura, Z. Mehmedović, M. Tan, B. Kopitović.

Manager : G. Lee.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Jeonbuk Motors vs Tampines Rovers


  • Jeonbuk Motors’ Last 5 Games
28/06/21 ACL Gamba Osaka 2-2 Jeonbuk Motors
25/06/21 ACL Jeonbuk Motors 2-1 Chiangrai United
06/06/21 KL1 Seongnam 1-5 Jeonbuk Motors
29/05/21 KL1 Incheon United 1-1 Jeonbuk Motors
26/05/21 DO Jeonbuk Motors 0-0 P Yangju Citizen
  • Tampines Rovers last 5 games
28/06/21 ACL Chiangrai United 1-0 Tampines Rovers
25/06/21 ACL Tampines Rovers 0-2 Gamba Osaka
22/05/21 PRL Tampines Rovers 2-3 Hougang United
15/05/21 PRL Tampines Rovers 5-1 Balestier Khalsa
08/05/21 PRL Tampines Rovers 2-2 Albirex Niigata S

Regards, Debate ball.

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