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Jules Kounde tells Benzema and Varane about his future

AsiaDespatch.org – Many Spanish football fans seem to know that there is a young defender who is shining. That player is who else if not the French defender who is now in the Sevilla uniform, namely Jules Kounde.

His appearance at Sevilla was enough to make the public amazed because all sides of this player looked very top. Even this player is also known as a versatile defender who can reportedly occupy two different positions. It turns out that this assumption is true, because this Sevilla player is played as a right-back by the French coach. Jules Kunde’s amazing skills and abilities throughout the 2020/2021 season have been very consistent.

Practically, this can make the public excited and stunned by the skill of the agile centre-back who is known to be very tenacious in winning the ball. Sevilla’s central defender is a defender for the umpteenth time that Sevilla is able to orbit and shine of course.

In this case, Sevilla has often produced quality central defenders in the last few decades. This is because academy football from Sevilla has a fairly good player nursery. So it is not surprising that this season Sevilla are again able to orbit their sensational new central defender, Jules Kunde.

Many of Europe’s Top Clubs Aim for Kounde

After a sensational and amazing season with Sevilla, the centre-back has finally gone up in price. Practically this will be very profitable for Sevilla because it can stabilize the financial side.

Therefore, many think that this is the right time and momentum for Sevilla to sell this centre-back. The reason is currently intense and very fast about the future news of Jules Kounde.

Every day it seems that the hunt for a Jules Kunde in Europe is getting fiercer. This is actually an opportunity for Sevilla in order to increase the price of Jules Kound’s release clause. According to news circulating, Jules Kunde’s market price is in the range of 70 million Euros. But in this case, Sevilla put a price on his contract clause of 80 million Euros. That means Sevilla are playing the price of Jules Kunde while the centre-back is on the rise.

But this is a natural thing in the world of football, especially in the transfer market process. So it’s legitimate for Sevilla to increase the price of their own player, which in this case is Jules Kunde.

As for other clubs, it seems that the price is a bit of an objection to the management. On the other hand, many think that the current price of Jules Kunde is a very reasonable price. Because the figure of Jules Kunde is currently being talked about and he is still very young.

Jules Kounde Tells Benzema and Varane

According to the news currently circulating, Jules Kunde is seriously considering leaving Sevilla. Reportedly, this central defender is a little more into the arms of the Spanish capital giants, namely Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Real Madrid are also very interested in bringing this French defender to the Santiago Bernabeu.

In this case, it is reported that Jules Kunde has informed his colleagues, namely Varane and Benzema, about his intention to join El Real. Reportedly Jules Kunde told Benzema and Varane that he was looking forward to joining the Spanish giants. But the news is still confusing and it seems that the puzzle will soon be solved when the Euro competition is over.

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