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AsiaDespatch.org – Competition Emperor Cup 2021 which will take place in the third round this weekend will feature a match between Kashiwa Reysol and Kyoto Sanga. The match between the two clubs will be held at Kashiwa Hitachi Stadium on Wednesday (7/7) at 16.00 WIB. Being the host for this match, Kashiwa Reysol’s dominance of the attack line can be relied on.

Kashiwa Reysol’s performance so far is quite reliable. Although it was stumbling in the first match with several player errors, it seems this will not be seen again in the match later. Previously, Kashiwa Reysol’s appearance also showed the best action from their offensive line retainer after appearing dominant.

Meanwhile, from the appearance of Kyoto Sanga, several players are threatened with absence due to injury. This is likely to make the visitors’ actions difficult in the match against Kashiwa Reysol in this third round match.

Notes of the Two Teams

Facing the previous two rounds, Kashiwa Reysol makes a pretty good record. However, the appearance of Baptista Junior’s foster children still had time to get criticism. Especially for the appearance of their attack line which has not been able to present the best performance of Pedro Raul and Segawa.

Of the five matches, only two wins were recorded. Kashiwa Reysol managed to beat Tochigi City and Shonan Bellmare with a pretty landslide score. While the other three matches, Baptista Junior’s troops only lost to Urawa Reds and Marinos in last week’s match in a different competition.

From the note provided by online soccer betting site, Kyoto Sanga underwent its last five matches with satisfactory results. This team has won three times in two different competitions. After successfully defeating FC Imabari, they only drew against ThespaKusatsu. One week later, lost to Kanazawa.

Meanwhile, in the other two matches, Kyoto Sanga again performed satisfactorily against Fagiano Okayama. The defeat in the last game last week in the regular competition took place when they faced V-Varen Nagasaki with a final score of 0-2. This record is quite dubious because several player errors occur.

Derived Composition of Players

In the match that will take place in the middle of the week, Kashiwa Reysol is likely to return to field the appearance of two of its flagship players. There are the names of Pedro Raul and Segawa who are believed to be ammunition for the attack from Baptista Junior’s troops. In addition, the coach is also predicted to lose the names of Takahashi, Mitsumaru, Kamiya and Mihara in this match.

The action of a Richardson is confirmed to be an option for the middle sector of Kashiwa Reysol. The player with the number 8 back seems to be reliable by the hosts this time. From their defense, the appearance of the three defenders including Ominami, Takahashi, and Koga was still believed to be able to withstand Kyoto Sanga’s attack.

Meanwhile, from the visiting team, Kyoto Sanga believed to be offering coach Cho Kwi Jea’s strategy. The South Korean coach seems to be fielding several players who had appeared in the match two weeks ago. There are names Wakahara, Moriwaki, Soneda, and Buijs in the match later. Meeting with Kashiwa Reysol, the coach will also field Nakagawa’s name in this match.

From the records shown, it is difficult for the visitors to win points in the third round. Some of their mainstay players can’t perform like Takeda, and Misawa who is still uncertain will go down. The defensive appearance of Kyoto Sanga is also still in doubt after several mistakes in the previous match.

Kashiwa Reysol VS Kyoto Sanga Prediction Score: 1-0

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