Kawasaki Frontale vs United City Prediction 2 July 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Kawasaki Frontale vs United City Prediction 2 July 2021

AsiaDespatch.org Kawasaki Frontale will face United City in the 3rd round of the AFC Champions League group I 2020/21 zone, Friday (2/7/21) at Lokomotiv Stadium. After being able to win the match twice in a row, it seems that Kawasaki Frontale is quite dominating in this group I phase. On the other hand United City are still trying hard not to drop points.

It seems that Kawasaki Frontale is not only superior in the local league. They are able to maximize results and of course get satisfactory results.

Their first win was hard-earned against an equally great team. At that time Daegu FC was able to provide a formidable resistance before finally Kawasaki Frontale closed the match with a narrow 3-2 victory.

Rising from their mistakes in the first round, it seems that Kawasaki Frontale is a little different in the second round. They were able to completely crush the Chinese team Beijing Guoan 7-0.

Many did not believe because Beijing Guoan was actually a formidable opponent. They were able to crush the team that had penetrated the 2019 AFC Champions League quarter-finals with ease.

Moving on from the match, it seems that Kawasaki Frontale is considered a very strong team. Of course, football observers, especially in Asia, will not be tempted to choose Kawasaki Frontale as the favorite team.

But their struggle is still long and difficult. So Kawasaki Frontale themselves have to prove that they deserve the title of AFC 2021’s favorite team.

Kawasaki Frontale vs United City Prediction 2 July 2021
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  • Stay Consistent In Improving Performance

So far, their struggle is commendable. Moreover, highlighting their last victory when they were able to score 7 goals against the opponent’s goal.

It seems that Kawasaki Frontale itself is still keeping its curiosity. Especially when facing Daegu with a thin score.

Speaking of continued matches this time, it would be very embarrassing if they were able to be held to a draw let alone lose. Especially when you look at his opponent who just got his first defeat.

But if they are able to be stable in improving or maintaining team performance and coordination, it is certain that this third match will be easy. They just need to stay away from the big win.

Kawasaki Frontale itself must continue to maintain high determination and electability. When facing Beijing Guoan, it appears that in terms of statistics, Kawasaki Frontale is quite good.

They were able to maintain the passing system throughout the innings. Kawasaki Frontale get 93 percent for the accuracy of passing and passing accuracy. It proves that they are very guarded against unnecessary mistakes.

So the big win is certainly very reasonable. A big homework for coach Toru Oniki is how to keep things going.

Surely United City really understands how strong their opponents are this time. They naturally had to learn how a team as strong as Beijing Guoan was capable of being careless in many ways.

Surely United City itself must be able to do better than Beijing. They will not be required to win the game.

But at least the match will be a test match so that they are not overpowered by the opponent. So the first thing United City has to do is learn from previous defeats. They have to be aware of their back line and improve coordination in that line.

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Of course United City will not give up easily and will try to do the best they can. Although in fact Kawasaki Frontale itself will not give leeway because they are still racing to collect a lot of points. This game is predictable judi slot online will be won by Kawasaki Frontale.

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Estimated line-up for Kawasaki Frontale vs United City:

(Kawasaki Frontale) : Jung Sung-Ryong; K. Noborizato, Jesiel, S. Taniguchi, M. Yamane, A. Ienaga, João Schmidt, K. Mitoma, Y. Wakizaka, Leandro Damião, R. Hatate.

Manager : T. Oniki

(United City) : A. Pinthus; Jeong Da-Hooeon, S. Kane, J. Baas, O. Nazari, A. Nazari, M. Ott, S. Schröck, J. Ingham, Bienve, H. Minegishi.

Manager : J. Withe

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Kawasaki Frontale vs United City


  • Kawasaki Frontale’s Last 5 Games
29/06/21 ACL Beijing Guoan 0-7 Kawasaki Frontale
26/06/21 ACL Kawasaki Frontale 3-2 Daegu
09/06/21 EMC Kawasaki Frontale P 1-1 Nagano Partner
02/06/21 J1L Yokohama 0-2 Kawasaki Frontale
30/05/21 J1L Kawasaki Frontale 2-1 Kashima Antlers
  • United City’s last 5 matches
29/06/21 ACL Daegu 7-0 United City
26/06/21 ACL United City 1-1 Beijing Guoan
09/11/20 PFL United City 1-2 So.
06/11/20 PFL United City 7-1 Stallion
03/11/20 PFL Maharlika 0-10 United City

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