Kay Graca Becomes Arema’s Foreign Defender, Arema’s Defense Line Is Getting Solid – Asia Despatch

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Kay Graca Becomes Arema's Foreign Defender, Arema's Defense Line Is Getting Solid

AsiaDespatch.org – Arema FC has stated several times that the club still needs a leader and role model in its back row. In this case, the proud club of Malang residents continues to be turbulent and hunts down several top players who of course have a position as a stopper. This is because Arema FC a few months ago failed to target and get their dream stopper.

It should also be noted that some time ago the higher-ups and management of Singo Edan wanted to bring home his former defender, namely Arthur Cunha. However, it turned out that Arthur Cunha did not agree and defected to another country, namely the Malaysian League.

Practically like it or not, Singo Edan’s management camp must be able to immediately move on and look for another centre-back or stopper. So that in the last few weeks, Arema’s management seems very fast in scouting some of Europe’s top stoppers.

The main focus of Arema FC is of course foreign stoppers, because the central defender will serve as a leader in the heart of his defense for as long as possible League 1 take place. Therefore, it is not surprising that in recent weeks this club, the pride of the citizens of Malang, has often been associated with several well-known defenders. However, according to the latest news circulating, Arema’s management finally got a new foreign stopper that reportedly has arrived in the country.

Arema FC The arrival of Kay Graca

After waiting and targeting for a long time, finally Arema’s management can now rest a bit. Because the management of Singo Edan has succeeded in bringing in an extraordinary player who has been poor across Europe, namely Kay Graca.

This player is a player who plays as a center back and is known to have amazing speed and endurance. Not a few also think that Kay Graca is the type of defender who excels on all sides, so this seems to make Arema even more attracted. That’s why Singo Edan’s troops now have a better defense after Kay Graca arrived in Malang.

But it seems Kay Graca still in the land of the capital and must undergo several stages regarding the health protocol. So it will take a long time so that these players can immediately feel the grass footing of the Kanjuruhan stadium. However, the president of Arema some time ago stated that this sensational stopper would soon land in Malang.

The president of Arema also emphasized that he was very happy about the arrival of Kay Graca who was expected to be able to make the back row even more top. Not only that, the President also emphasized that the players he recruited were not random players. Because this player is quite famous by his name and has been poor across the European League, precisely in the Portuguese Domestic League.

Practically, Kay Graca’s experience and flying hours can’t be doubted. The experience he has gained in the Portuguese League will certainly be the key to his success when he is in Arema uniform later.

Singo’s back line is getting more and more solid

Practically at this time, you could say that Singo Edan’s line and line of defense are very complete. So many people think that with the presence of Kay Graca, automatically the back row Arema will be more stable and solid.

Not only that, now it seems that many Arema supporters have high hopes for their new stopper. Arema supporters and fans hope that Kay Graca can end the problems that Arema has been experiencing, namely defense.

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