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  • Share – The battle of two Italian teams will be held this week in a test event before the Domestic competition is held. While there is still one month left, quite a number of teams from Italy are now immediately stepping on the gas to prepare their own troops.

Not a few of them have stolen the start of training earlier, but many are also a little delayed in starting training. It all depends on the decisions of the coaches and the management of each club.

Therefore, now there are quite a lot of Italian teams who immediately rush to practice and don’t want to be left behind by other teams. One of them that is currently quite fast in preparation is Lazio’s troops who will undergo a trial party against Serie C team Triestina.

The Lazio vs Triestina party is planned to be held in the middle of this week as a venue for exploring the squad of the two camps. Lazio’s trial against Triestina is reportedly going to clash on Friday 23 July 2021 at 23.00 WIB. It is estimated that the party between the two Italian teams will be quite fierce because the two camps are estimated to still be dismantling the squad.

Elseid Hysaj . Proving Event

Some time ago, the Lazio squad officially introduced its new player who was quite famous in the Italian Domestic competition. Because the new player that Lazio’s troops managed to get was a former Napoli player, Elseid Hysaj. The player who plays as a central defender was linked with several top European clubs and eventually fell into the arms of Lazio’s troops.

It didn’t take long, it was reported that an Elseid Hysaj had docked and was rumored to be attending training with his team. Even this player will reportedly be played in several trial party plans that will be carried out in the near future.

It could be during the game Lazio vs. Triestina, an Elseid Hysaj will be played as a line up. However, it is reported that Hysaj’s physical condition is not fully spartan and must undergo several stages of recovery.

Even so, it is possible that this Elseid Hysaj will later be played in the second half when they clash with Triestina. In this case, many people predict that the match against Triestina will also be a proving ground for Elseid Hysaj.

Triestina The Game Is Not Ripe

Triestina now occupies the third caste competition in Italy, namely Serie C, whose performance last season was quite good. However, the problem that often plagues the Triestina camp is the lack of creativity in its midfield last season.

Therefore, the ambition for promotion to Serie B has to be postponed again due to Triestina often experience ups and downs in performance. Not only that, many people think that the Triestina troops are not yet fully mature in the game.

Therefore, it is not surprising that currently Triestina has quite a number of trials scheduled to finalize its squad. It should also be noted that in the test event against Lazio later, Triestina’s troops will try to get up and show an impressive performance. However, if the Triestina team loses, at least this team will try to look good and there will be an improvement in the quality of the game.

Prediction of Soccer Score Between Lazio vs Triestina

After touching the squad of the two teams, of course, it is not complete without discussing the prediction of Lazio vs. Triestina score. Since Lazio is a bigger team and full of experience, of course the prediction of the score from online gambling site will be more directed to Lazio’s troops. It is estimated that Lazio’s match against Triestina will be won by the Lazio camp with a pretty landslide score, namely 3 – 0.

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