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Lessons from Italy's win against Wales

AsiaDespatch.org – Italy successfully beat the Wales national team in the third match of the Euro 2020 group stage. Roberto Mancini’s men won with a 1-0 goal scored by Matteo Pessina. The match which was held on Sunday (20/6) night also proved that Italy had successfully qualified for the last 16 of Euro 2020.

Italy had previously managed to finish off Switzerland and Turkey. On the occasion of competing with Switzerland, they succeeded in producing a score of 3-0. Likewise with the match against Turkey which was successfully completed with a score of three goals without reply. The two matches, which had identical score results for Italy, paved the way for Italy to win group A EURO 2020.

In the match against Wales yesterday, Italy fielded a different squad. The coach, Roberto Mancini has also made a big rotation on his squad. Italy performed well and it was quite difficult to beat Wales, especially the appearance of the Wales mainstay player, Gareth Bale. Italy, who successfully beat three of their group opponents, also learned a lesson from this action.

Reliable Squad

Roberto Mancini fielded a different squad against Wales in the third match. Italy also managed to win with a score of 1-0 in the match. However, what is more of a concern is the ability of the coach to rely on his players. Italy has a squad that can be relied on completely.

Since the first matchday, Italy has successfully attracted attention. Facing Swiss until Turkey even passed with a landslide goal. Identical 3-0 score in the first two games made them also won six points. Sitting at the top of Group A, Italy then perfected it with their ability to beat Wales on the last matchday.

Marco Verratti sent off

In addition to reshuffling all the core players in the match against Wales, Italy also fielded Marco Verratti. The appearance of the player who has just recovered from the injury is also impressive. Roberto Mancini finally succeeded in giving a nice touch to Verratti’s action in the match against Bale and his friends.

Marco Verratti’s condition is getting better. The playmaker can be lowered from the early minutes. The performance of the Paris Saint Germain player also did not decrease during 90 minutes on the field. In fact, Verratti’s action received praise for being charming in the match. Verratti also contributed to holding the Welsh midfield attack.

Marco Verratti performed brilliantly in the match against Wales. the player looks comfortable with his action controlling the ball. The playmaker also often helps control the ball nicely. Working together very well, Verratti is constantly in the spotlight because of his actions. As a result, his appearance is proof that he is a reliable player.

Rekor Unbeaten

Italy has confirmed themselves to qualify for the round of 16 large . However, they were not able to hold Wales to be able to perform well in yesterday’s match. Italy who successfully won the victory finally also made them successful in achieving a record of up to 30 matches unbeaten. Fantastic!

Previous, Italy National Team also had a similar record. They managed to record a similar record in the matches played in 1935 to 1939 ago. With the achievement of this record, there is no doubt that Roberto Mancini’s leadership has succeeded in making Italy appear dominant in Europe so far.

Some of these factors tend to be the reason why Italy appears so charming. The lessons that can be drawn from all of these factors make Italy must be able to ensure that their public hopes are not in vain at this time’s Euro 2020. Victory must be the main target of the Gli Azzurri squad.

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