Liga 1 Postponed Again, Madura United Still Moving To Jakarta – Asia Despatch

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Liga 1 Postponed Again, Madura United Still Moving To Jakarta – Madura United is currently boosting the team’s preparations for the new Liga 1 season, which unfortunately has been officially postponed. Meanwhile, the training center is being worked on and led directly by the head coach, Rahmad Darmawan.

To Jakarta

Madura United, based in Pamekasan, plans to fly to Jakarta to carry out further preparations. This is because the team nicknamed Laskar Sape Kerrab will compete around the capital area.

Where are the latest regulations League 1 requires clubs to conduct matches centrally. The organizers have decided that the clubs will play a total of 34 matches with a draw system.

The system makes each of the 18 teams to compete in a series in one of the provinces on the island of Java. To be fair, the New Indonesia League has designed this rule so that no club acts as the host. Although the club’s headquarters from the island of Java was used as the venue for the match.

This is made in such a way as to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic which has not subsided. The organizers announced this regulation in order to reduce the rate of the spread of the Corona virus. In addition, the clubs can also save costs on transportation costs.

Madura United itself has received the Liga 1 schedule that has been made by Liga Indonesia Baru, the organizer. From the schedule it was found that the club will play the majority of its matches in the Greater Jakarta area.

Therefore, the team management decided to immediately move to Jakarta. The adaptation process is the main reason for the team nicknamed Laskar Sape Kerrab. So that later when the match, the players are ready.

In the first match of the squad Rahmad Darmawan This will be against a team from DI Yogyakarta, PS Sleman. The venue used for this inaugural party is the Pakansari Stadium in the city of Bogor.

Then in the next match, the team from the salt island will leave Jabodetabek. They must visit the city of Bandung to fight PSIS Semarang. Si Starling Harupat Stadium is where the two teams compete. After that, they will return to the Greater Jakarta area to face Persipura Jayapura, Persela Lamongan and Persija Jakarta.

Rahmad Darmawan Has Prepared Starting Eleven Madura United

Rahmad Darmawan, head coach Madura United It is certain that he has prepared his team for the inaugural match. Where as stated above that they will fight PS Sleman.

Where the selected players have been monitored by the coach since their training camp in Pamekasan some time ago. The results of the exercises that have been carried out so far become the grip of the former coach Sriwijaya FC that.

However, when asked about which players will be selected as the starting eleven, the coach did not want to rush. This is believed to be a way for the opposing clubs to be blind to the information and strategies of their team.

Now the 54-year-old tactician is working on reducing the quality gap between the core and reserve players. Which is intended so that the second-tier players are ready to be deployed when something untoward happens to the core players.

In addition, the strategy that has been applied to the first line players can also be applied to reserve players. The tactician admitted that playing time was the key so that each line of players could perform at their best level.

He continues to hope that every player can develop continuously. Rahmad Darmawan also admitted that he was still not too happy or happy with the performance of a number of his players. However, when it comes to the team’s performance, the coach admits that he is quite satisfied.

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