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  • Share – Liverpool’s friendly against Mainz 05 will take place this weekend. The match, which was held at the Untersberg Arena, brought together two teams from different countries on Saturday (23/7) early this morning at 23.15 WIB. On this occasion, Liverpool are trying to be able to collect interesting records in the pre-season event.

Liverpool last season appeared dominant in the Premier League stage. Jurgen Klopp’s troops are one of the teams that have managed to rise over the last few seasons. The Reds also have a composition that is quite interesting because some of its players are believed to be in top condition for this fight.

Mainz 05 can also be said to end last season quite well. Even though they have not managed to penetrate the top row of Bundesliga teams, they still have a chance to achieve the best position next season. Many mainstay players who show their class from this one squad. Their stats were also quite slick last season.

Conditions of the Two Teams

At the meeting held in this pre-season event, Liverpool it’s not under pressure. However, of course they want to start next season better than before. This opportunity will show again what Liverpool looks like as one of the classy teams in the Premier League with the composition of the squad.

During the last five matches, the Reds had previously won up to two matches. Met with Chelsea and Fulham in the competition last February, they had to lose to the two English teams. However, after that Klopp’s men managed to secure victory when they faced Leipzig twice in the Champions League round of 16. But next to face Real Madrid in the quarter-finals, the Reds had to swallow defeat.

Temporary stock exchange notes judi slot online, the results shown by Mainz 05 tend to remain stagnant. Over their last five matches, they have produced only three wins. After successfully overthrowing Freiburg, Mainz 05 appeared captivating with consecutive wins against Hoffenheim and Wurzburger Kickers. Only one match resulted in a draw, namely when they met Nurnberg in a friendly match.

Player Schematic

From the Liverpool camp, it seems that the coach Jurgen Klopp is still maximizing several important names. Including Diogo Jota, who was previously predicted to leave Anfield. The Portuguese player seems to still be deployed on the front lines along with Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane.

Meanwhile, for Liverpool’s midfield conditions will maximize the name Jordan Henderson et al. The defensive position of the Reds will be filled by the roles of Trent Alexander, Virgil Van Dijk, and Ibrahima Konate. The role of the goalkeeper Alisson Becker is also still believed to appear in this match by the coach.

The game scheme of his co-stars, Mainz 05 will show strong dominance in the defense sector. Mainz 05 does have a big change in this line after last season only used three names. In this match, the coach Bo Svensson seems to be maximizing Niakhate, Bell, and Juste in this match.

From their attack line, there are the names of Glatzel, Boetius, and Burkardt to fill the attack on the opposing team. The composition of the midfield players is enlivened by the roles of Mwene, Kohr, Barreiro, and De Costa. The coach applies the 3-4-2-1 strategy which is often his mainstay in the Bundesliga.

However, if you look at the possibilities in this match, Liverpool still has a pretty big chance. The Reds could have prioritized attacks because their attackers were unquestionable. Predictions favor Klopp’s troops to win in this match.

Predicted Score Liverpool VS Mainz 05: 2 – 0

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