Man United eyeing Marcos Llorente, Atletico Madrid put up a body – Asia Despatch

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Man United eyeing Marcos Llorente, Atletico Madrid put up a body – The amazing performance shown by Atletico Madrid last season was certainly not without causes and factors. It’s impossible for a team to suddenly get what they want the easy way and without going through a long process.

In this case, the Atletico Madrid squad for the past few years has been looking for a midfielder who fits Atletico’s style of play. So it is not surprising that the previous two seasons, the game from Atletico Madrid seemed less creative, especially in the middle row. But when Marcos Llorente arrived, this player appeared like a magician who was able to make the midfield more creative.

This famous player with high cruising power is able to incarnate as the general of the team’s midfield Atletico Madrid. Practically at this time almost all of Diego Simeone’s troop attacks are always Marcos Llorente who is often involved in it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in his last season, Atletico Madrid mostly built an attack from the middle, which was led by Llorente. This Real Madrid outcast was finally able to prove his fangs and at the same time prove to Madrid that the decision to throw him was a big mistake.

Manchester United Directly Aim Marcos Llorente

If you see his sensational appearance, then it’s no wonder that Marcos Llorente placeholder image Now the resale value has increased dramatically. Not only about the price, at this time there are also a lot of top clubs and European giants who are eyeing this young talent belonging to Atletico Madrid. You could say this spartan midfielder has become the best-selling player and the most talked about by the well-known media.

Currently Marcos Llorente has reportedly been offered a lot by other clubs with the lure of a more luxurious salary. In this case, several wealthy clubs are ready to enter and compete to hunt down Marcos Llorente, one of which is Man United.

According to reports from various media, the ranks of Man United’s top brass have been stalking Marcos Llorente’s services for a long time. So that the preparations made by the Man United management camp are quite mature regarding the arrival of this energetic midfielder Atletico Madrid this.

Even Man United is currently arguably the European giants at the forefront of targeting Llorente. So the opportunity for Man United to bring to the Old Trafford camp seems wide open this summer.

This is because Marcos Llorente reportedly also does not rule out the possibility that he wants to play in the Premier League someday. So now is the right moment for the management of the Red Devils to be able to successfully hook this spartan midfielder. If you don’t move quickly, it’s not impossible that Marcos Llorente will be cornered first by other clubs.

In addition, Man United also has the opportunity to bring Llorente, because this club reportedly dares to redeem the contract clause which is quite fantastic. Not only that, the Red Devils’ management is also ready to pay a sensational salary if Llorente is successfully signed.

Atlético Madrid immediately put the body

Hearing the news that Man United after Llorente, suddenly it made the Atletico management line flinch a little. The reason is the management of Atletico Madrid insists that he is reluctant to lose his midfielder as well as his attack motor this season. Therefore, it is reported that Atletico Madrid officials immediately installed the body and wanted to add a contract extension for Llorente.

Not only that, Atletico’s management is reportedly also ready to increase Llorente’s salary if it is still lacking. So it seems that Man United will take a steep road because currently Atletico Madrid’s management has started to install themselves.

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