Man United eyeing Vinicius Jr, Florentino Perez puts his body on – Asia Despatch

  • Share – Manchester United doesn’t seem to be satisfied after a row of star-labeled players has arrived in the last two seasons. This is because the Red Devils troops seem reluctant to slip like the previous seasons which ultimately failed to win the EPL.

This valuable lesson seems to be really noted by the Red Devils management as well as being taken into consideration for making decisions. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Red Devils continue to beat the drums of war in terms of transfers and the purchase of new players.

Even Man United is also targeting several players who are still in uniform with the European giants. One example is Varane, but in this case Raphael Varane has not found a clear path. It seems that the Red Devils management is not satisfied with just one Madrid player. Because the ranks of Man United officials are reportedly also interested in bringing in young talent from the Samba country who is now in white uniform Real Madrid namely Vinicius Jr.

The news of Man United’s management interest in a Vinicius is now increasingly being reported by the media because Man United is in need of a Winger. In this case, Man United Management is reportedly ready to immediately contact and negotiate with Los Blancos Management regarding this Brazilian player.

Manchester United reportedly ready to pay for Vinicius

Of course, many people remember that the management of El Real, almost all of its young players, are always lined with expensive contract clauses. This is so that it aims to minimize the existence of clubs who are willing to redeem the clauses of some of the mainstay young players. In this case, the redemption clause of a Vinicius Jr reportedly fairly fantastic for a player who is still not even 21 years old.

Therefore, the management of Man United reportedly had a little difficulty in negotiating the transfer value of a Vinicius Jr. However, despite this, it is reported that Man United, which is now interested in bringing in Vinicius Jr., is quite serious in undergoing negotiations with El Real management.

Even reported via online slot gambling site that the ranks of Man United officials immediately intervened and were ready to redeem the expensive clause of this Brazilian winger. However, if Man United’s management considers that the transfer value is unreasonable, it is likely that Man United’s troops will offer other options.

It could be that the player exchange option will be the best for the Red Devils if they feel it is too expensive for Vinicius’ price. However, until now there is still no clarity between the two parties. Reportedly the ongoing negotiations are still in the early stages and there is not much seriousness from both parties regarding the transfer of Vinicius.

Florentino Perez put on body

Although it has not officially rejected the offer Man United, reportedly the president Florentino Perez immediately spoke in several well-known media. According to the news circulating, Florentino Perez gave a statement that seemed not to let go of his young talent, namely Vinicius Jr. In fact, he insisted that he would not let Vinicius go, even though someone offered him a fantastic price in this summer’s transfer window.

Florentino Perez, as the president of Madrid, seems to have put his body straight in and doesn’t want his valuable assets to just go away. The president of Los Blancos also confirmed that Vinicius will not be touched by anyone in the stretch of the transfer market this summer.

It seems that Florentino Perez as president wants to involve Vinicius Jr. as a long-term project that is currently being designed by him. In this regard, it is not surprising that Perez in recent years has been quite desperate to maintain his young talents.

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