Melbourne City vs Macarthur Prediction June 20, 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Melbourne City vs Macarthur Prediction June 20, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgMelbourne City will face Macarthur in the 2020/21 Australian A-League semifinal Play Off, Sunday (20/6/21) in Rectangular Stadium. There are only two decisive matches left to determine the A League champion. Macarthur who has fought hard will certainly not give up to keep winning.

Melbourne City still has long hopes of becoming a champion. Melbourne City itself is the reigning champion of the A-League 2020.

Of course, in terms of ability, Melbourne City is more promising because they are able to perform optimally in the A-League group phase. However, the end of the A-League season did not look so smooth after they lost in the closing party to the Newcastle Jets 2-1.

The defeat was indeed their strategy to keep players fit and avoid injury. Moreover, Melbourne City is actually still quite safe at the top with 49 points.

Melbourne City’s struggle is still far away. The match against Macarthur itself is a series of tests that they must go through to regain last year’s success.

Indeed this job is not an easy job for coach Patrick Kisnorbo. Moreover, Macarthur FC is quite a troublesome opponent.

It can be said that they will meet again for the third time this season. Of course coach Patrick Kisnorbo was hoping for a win.

Melbourne City vs Macarthur Prediction June 20, 2021

Indeed, in terms of quality Melbourne City itself is quite better. It can be said that Melbourne City has some of the best players in the A-League.

It was proven that they were able to get 15 wins, 4 draws and only 7 losses in 26 matches. The achievement to be able to win above 50 percent in every season is quite an amazing thing.

Of course their struggle can not be separated from the burden they bear. Even so, this play-off round is quite a challenge that is worth it to improve the quality of local players.

The reason is that only the play-off round is now the focus of the top A League clubs. Because previously the three representative clubs A-League has been withdrawn from the international arena.

Therefore for the Australian football union this match is an important match to train local players. This is needed to create capable and highly competitive national team players.

The obstacle faced by Melbourne City itself is in the defensive point. Because so far in the last five games they are very difficult to keep from conceding.

Of course, with a few hours of rest, Melbourne City doesn’t have much time to improve. But like it or not they must continue to perform optimally until the end.

It can be said that Macarthur FC is a lucky team. They didn’t make much effort and the evidence was that they were able to penetrate the play-off round to the semi-finals.

This makes this team an underdog team to watch out for. So far Macarthur FC has struggled to occupy the 6th position at the end of the season.

But their struggle is quite stable after being able to beat the Central Coast 2-0. Of course Macarthur FC is one of the toughest tests for Melbourne City. If you are lucky, Macarthur FC may be able to reach the final point.

Melbourne City vs Macarthur Prediction June 20, 2021

Although the final three matches were not carried out optimally, it does not mean that Melbourne City did not prepare for this match. They are still unbeaten against Macarthur FC. This game is predictable online soccer betting site will be won by Melbourne City.

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Estimated Line-up for Melbourne City vs Macarthur:

(Melbourne City) : T. Glover; S. Jamieson, Nuno Reis, S. Galloway, R. Griffiths, F. Berenguer, A. Luna, A. O’Neill, S. Colakovski, A. Nabbout, M. Tilio.

Manager : P. Kisnorbo.

(Macarthur) : A. Federici; J. Meredith, A. Šušnjar, J. McGing, M. Milligan, Beñat, A. Martis, C. M’Mombwa, M. Derbyshire, Susaeta, T. Oar.

Manager : A. Milicic.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Melbourne City vs Macarthur
24/04/21 A-L Macarthur 1-1 Melbourne City
12/03/21 A-L Melbourne City 3-0 Macarthur
  • Melbourne City’s Last 5 Matches
10/06/21 A-L Melbourne City 1-2 Newcastle Jets
06/06/21 A-L Melbourne Victory 1-1 Melbourne City
25/05/21 A-L Brisbane Roar 3-0 Melbourne City
22/05/21 A-L Melbourne City 1-0 Central Coast Mariners
16/05/21 A-L Melbourne City 2-2 Wellington Phoenix
  • 5 Macarthur’s Last Games
12/06/21 A-L Central Coast Mariners 0-2 E Macarthur
04/06/21 A-L Macarthur 0-3 Wellington Phoenix
31/05/21 A-L Western United 1-2 Macarthur
27/05/21 A-L Macarthur 1-2 Central Coast Mariners
23/05/21 A-L Perth Glory 1-1 Macarthur

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