Messi meets Suarez at the 2021 Copa America – Asia Despatch

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Messi meets Suarez at the 2021 Copa America – The 2021 Copa America title was officially launched earlier this week. The prestigious competition in the Americas has succeeded in making many pairs of eyes on every match that is taking place. Clashes between favorite countries are also an interesting spectacle for this event.

Two stars who will also compete in the Copa America competition include Argentina and Uruguay. The two countries have two star players who have been friends for a long time. Yes, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez will certainly meet in this event.

A small Barcelona reunion between Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi could take place. Even though Suarez is no longer playing for the Catalan team, it seems that the player cannot simply be released from Barcelona. Previously, Suarez was also regarded as an icon of Ronald Koeman’s club before finally being expelled to Atletico.

Argentina Contra Uruguay

In the match that will take place in the group stage, America Cup, later the Argentine national team will meet with Uruguay. The schedule for the match which will be held on Saturday (16/6) is the moment that many fans have been waiting for. Understandably, that’s where Luis Suarez will become Lionel Messi’s opponent.

Again meeting his former colleague, Lionel Messi admitted that he was very optimistic. Not only for fighting, La Pulga considers his meeting at the Copa America to be a form of a brief reunion with the players Atletico Madrid that. Likewise the response given by Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez is also the same response to what was conveyed by Lionel Messi. This 34-year-old player is apparently also waiting for time to be able to interact with his best friend again. Unfortunately, this time they met as opponents in the middle of the field.

The two have a very good relationship. Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi were known as two of Barcelona’s mainstay players before the Catalan club was managed by Ronald Koeman. The arrival of the Dutch coach made Suarez finally leave for Atletico Madrid last season. However, it turned out that the player’s appearance was even more brilliant with Diego Simeone’s troops.

Suarez and Messi’s hopes for their country

The meeting between Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi as an opponent playing in the middle of the field is not the first time. Previously, they had played on the occasion of a La Liga match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Los Rojiblancos had to draw against Barca at that time.

However, Suarez was more fortunate because last season succeeded in bringing Diego Simeone’s troops to the La Liga title. While Lionel Messi strengthened Barcelona which finally won the Copa Del Rey trophy. Both of these players have been quite satisfied in their performances at club level.

Meanwhile, this time Luis Suarez’s hopes for the Uruguayan national team are certainly different. Faced with Argentina who have super strength and tough players, it is not an easy matter to be able to finish the match next Saturday. Uruguay national team troops must have the best strategy if you want to overthrow Messi CS.

Likewise with Lionel Messi. La Pulga rate Uruguay inhabited by many talented players. It is not without reason that later they have to lose to compete in this group phase. However, the player who reportedly left Camp Nou this summer is still trying to win the Tango team.

Previous, Argentina National Team only drew against Chile in the inaugural match last Monday. Meanwhile, Uruguay will have their first match against Argentina in the group B phase which will take place this weekend.

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