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Mexico vs Panama Prediction July 1, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgMexico will face Panama in a friendly match between the 2020/21 season, Thursday (1/7/21) in Nissan Stadium. After fighting all out, the Mexican national team finally had to give up their defeat in the CONCACAF Nations League final. Ahead of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the Mexican national team’s agenda is now filled with friendly matches.

Unfortunately they had to lose narrowly in the CONCACAF Nations League final against USA 3-2. However, their struggle is not easy.

In the CONCACAF Nations League competition, the Mexican national team competes in League A in the Group B phase. They are in the same group as the Panamanian national team and the Bermuda national team.

Of course, in the group phase the Mexican national team did not find it difficult. Especially when viewed from the line up of the Mexican national team is better than other teams.

Winning four matches quite smoothly made the Mexican national team proceed to the next round. Indeed, the CONCACAF Nations League regulations are very unique because they will pass several representatives from each league.

Because the Mexican national team is in league A, they will fight in the knockout stages with the winners of the other group A leagues. At that time, Mexico was the winner of the group and had to fight in the semifinals.

They first faced the Costa Rica national team before finally against USA in the Final. And in the end they were unable to win in the final match.

Mexico vs Panama Prediction July 1, 2021
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After not being able to win the CONCACAF Nations League phase, of course their international agenda is quite long. Now they will face the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

In this competition they will face three national teams in Group A. Incidentally, the Mexican national team is in the same group as the Curacao national team and the El Salvador national team.

Like the CONCACAF Nations League, they will fight to get into the next round. Because the group stage of the Gold Cup is not that much, if they are lucky, Mexico will go straight to the quarter-finals.

So far the Mexican national team is able to collect many titles. They have collected 8 titles from this CONCACAF Gold Cup.

So they should be skilled enough to follow the regulations on the Gold Cup agenda. Moreover, the Mexican national team line-up is mostly professional players who fill European clubs.

They have star players among others Jesus Corona who played for Porto FC and Diego Lainez of Real Betis. Then there is Edson Alvarez for the Ajax team, nestor Araujo from Celta Vigo and Erick Gutierrez from PSV Eindhoven.

Although they no longer have Javier Hernandez, the Mexican national team is still considered a fairly dangerous team. To heat up their performance, this friendly against Panama will be the match that is needed.

One group in the CONCACAF Nations League, made Panama have a special impression on the Mexican national team. Even though they keep losing, trials are still needed.

They must learn from the team that was successful in their time. Of course, if you look at the electability, the Panamanian national team is far behind.

Moreover, they do not have some high quality players. So far they are still improving their experience at the international level in order to get the lessons needed to form team coordination.

Mexico vs Panama Prediction July 1, 2021
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When viewed from the history of the meeting, of course, the Mexican national team is more favored than the Panamanian national team. They will probably do the same strategy. The Mexican national team has also beaten Panama twice in the CONCACAF Nations League. Of course Mexico is predictable judi slot online will win easily.

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Mexico vs Panama Lineup Estimated:

(Mexico) : R. Cota; H. Moreno, O. Rodríguez, J. Sánchez, G. Arteaga, O. Pineda, C. Rodríguez, Edson Álvarez, L. Romo, A. Pulido, J. Corona.

Manager : G. Martino.

(Panama) : L. Mejía; AND. Davis, H. Cummings, F. Palacios, A. Andrade, A. Quintero, A. Godoy, A. Carrasquilla, José Rodríguez, E. Bárcenas, J. Fajardo.

Manager : Thomas Christiansen.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
16/11/19 CNL Panama 0-3 Mexico
16/10/19 CNL Mexico 3-1 Panama
02/09/17 WQC Mexico 1-0 Panama
16/11/16 WQC Panama 0-0 Mexico
12/10/16 FRI Panama 0-1 Mexico
13/06/21 FRI Mexico 0-0 Honduras
07/06/21 CNL United States E 3-2 Mexico
04/06/21 CNL Mexico P 0-0 Costa Rica
30/05/21 FRI Mexico 2-1 Iceland
31/03/21 FRI Costa Rica 0-1 Mexico
16/06/21 WQC Curaçao 0-0 Panama
13/06/21 WQC Panama 2-1 Curaçao
09/06/21 WQC Panama 3-0 Dominican Republic
06/06/21 WQC Anguilla 0-13 Panama
29/03/21 WQC Dominica 1-2 Panama

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