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Mou's spicy criticism of the Three Lions tactics, like what? – Famous coach Jose Mourinho has criticized the Three Lions’ tactics in the competition Euro 2020 this time. The England national team was previously only able to play a scoreless draw when they faced Scotland in the second match of Group D, Saturday (19/6) early morning. In the match which took place at Wembley Stadium, the England national team had difficulty penetrating the defense of their opponents.

The Three Lions were finally held to a draw with the score of glasses by the Scottish national team. This result is certainly quite surprising, considering the preparations made by Gareth Southgate, the coach is considered very mature. However, it turned out that in that match it was the opposing team under Steve Clarke’s care that was considered to have the potential to win.

The performance of the English national team has also received scathing criticism from coach Jose Mourinho. The former Chelsea coach finally spoke up to see the appearance of Southgate’s troops in the Euro 2020 event this time. In fact, not a few players who then get criticism from the coach who is currently handling Tottenham Hotspur that. What are the criticisms like?

Late Substitution

According to Jose Mourinho, appearance England National Team was pretty good in the early minutes. However, of course, England have the opportunity to be able to finish the match with Scotland. From the advice of the Spurs coach, the Three Lions should have replaced the figure of Kalvin Phillips in the -60th minute. This step is intended to make the game more creative.

Not only that, Mou also mentioned that Gareth Southgate’s troops in yesterday’s match looked scared. It is this fear and anxiety about defeat that makes players and coaches no longer focus on building attacks and tactics. They actually seem stagnant to see the movement of the opponent.

On the other hand, from the point of view of a Mou, the strategy launched by the Scottish coach, Steve Clarke much more elegant. Scotland is able to process the game tactically and quite well. In addition, the spirit of all players is also reflected from the beginning to the end of the match. Without having to look worried about the possible defeat they might get.

In the England match against Scotland, the final result without a score was a less than good record. The match in Group D, which is close to the competition, makes England have to be more careful in other meetings. No national team has yet won a ticket to the last 16 from Group D.

Opportunity Still There?

According to Jose Mourinho, the third match in the Euro 2020 group D will be an opportunity for the England national team. Gareth Southgate’s troops must show a good performance if they want to reach the last 16 ticket. At least, they must penetrate the victory when scheduled to meet the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, Scotland will meet the Croatian national team in their third match. Both countries had to fight desperately to get a share in the third position in order to qualify for the last 16 of the next phase of this competition.

Jose Mourinho is still optimistic that the England national team will qualify for the round of 16. However, of course Mou still advises the England coach, Gareth Southgate to use more varied tactics. If all this time, The Three Lions seemed static, the style of play should be changed immediately.

The former Real Madrid coach also stated that the opportunity to qualify for the 16th England national team was still open because there were indeed many potential players there. In addition, Southgate’s experience in bringing the England national team to dominate in Group D can also be greater in this event.

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