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Nagoya Grampus vs Ratchaburi Prediction July 1, 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgNagoya Grampus will host Ratchaburi in the 4th round of the AFC Champions League phase Group G 2020/21, Thursday (1/7/21) at Lokomotiv National Stadium. Of course they will easily beat the opponent when they have mastered the match. The defeat in the first leg against Nagoya will make Ratchaburi have to do a big evaluation.

Nagoya Grampus often shows victory after victory. They quite mastered this group G phase.

When they were able to win narrowly in their opening match against Johor Darul 1-0, however, the rise of Nagoya Grampus was increasingly felt in the next round. Not satisfied with the 1-0 victory, Nagoya Grampus extended the lead again when destroying Pohang Steelers 3-0.

When facing Pohang, it was very obvious that Nagoya Grampus was in control of the game. Even though they were awarded a penalty but two long-range goals from their players showed that Nagoya Grampus is a strong team.

In the match against the Korean team, it seemed that Nagoya Grampus was able to control quite well in both halves. They get a total possession of the ball as much as 60 percent.

Total speculative shots were 15 percent with 5 shots on target. The first goal was quite classy when Yoichiro Kakitani shot outside the penalty box.

Not to forget that Mateus was able to create two goals. One goal from a penalty and the last goal with his left foot outside the box.

Nagoya Grampus vs Ratchaburi Prediction July 1, 2021
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Whereas the first leg match against Ratchaburi alone was extraordinary. Nagoya Grampus was able to break into Ratchaburi with 4 goals.

It looks like this match will be an additional meal for them to add to the coffers of points. Being able to win 4 goals without replying makes Nagoya Grampus difficult to beat.

Although in fact their possession of the ball was not as good as in the second half. During the first half Ryogo Yamasaki was only able to score a goal in the 26th minute through his collaboration with Mateus.

Five minutes later Ryogo Yamasaki managed to take advantage of the opponent’s negligence and scored a goal in the 31st minute. Closing the first half Ryogo Yamasaki was recorded as the player who was able to carve his hat-trick with the third goal.

Entering the second half was the collaboration of Yonemoto and Manabu Saito who was able to create opportunities in the 69th minute. That way Nagoya Grampus was able to increase his aggregate record to 8 goals.

Now Nagoya Grampus is at the top of the standings with a total of 9 points. They only need to add two more wins to qualify for the round of 16. Because if you look at the competitors, Johor or Pohang, it is still not clear to get full points. Of course, this victory will be needed by them.

Three defeats in a row ensured Ratchaburi wouldn’t be able to defend any better. Now they have conceded 7 goals.

This proves that their strength is very bad. It is certain that Ratchaburi will not be able to win a single match.

The positive thing they will get is their experience when facing teams with international class. Of course, this match will be very tough and most likely they will return to lowering their defensive strategy.

The journey is still long. But their breath is not necessarily brilliant for the future.

Nagoya Grampus vs Ratchaburi Prediction July 1, 2021
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  • Victory Needed

To add points, this fourth victory is what Nagoya Grampus needs. If they continue to be consistent then their path will be a little smoother. They don’t have time to score a draw or lose. Nagoya Grampus predicted casino online will win this fight.

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Estimated Lineup of Nagoya Grampus vs Ratchaburi:

(Nagoya Grampus) : M. Langerak; Y. Yoshida, K. Miyahara, S. Nakatani, Y. Kimoto, T. Yonemoto, K. Nagasawa, S. Inagaki, Y. Kakitani, M. Saito, N. Maeda.

Manager: M. Ficcadenti.

(Ratchaburi) : K. Pathom-attakul; V. Hakhamaneshi, P. Tanthatemee, S. Wüthrich, S. Dechmitr, K. Wattayawong, K. Chiamudom, T. Sujarit, K. Srisuwan, S. Langil, J. Mpia Mapuku.

Manager : S. Siripong.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
  • H2H Nagoya Grampus vs Ratchaburi


  • Last 5 matches of Nagoya Grampus
28/06/21 ACL Ratchaburi 0-4 Nagoya Grampus
25/06/21 ACL Nagoya Grampus 3-0 Pohang Steelers
22/06/21 ACL Johor Darul Ta’zim 0-1 Nagoya Grampus
09/06/21 EMC Nagoya Grampus 5-0 Mizushima
30/05/21 J1L Urawa Reds 0-0 Nagoya Grampus
  • Ratchaburi’s Last 5 Games
28/06/21 ACL Ratchaburi 0-4 Nagoya Grampus
25/06/21 ACL Ratchaburi 0-1 Johor Darul Ta’zim
22/06/21 ACL Pohang Steelers 2-0 Ratchaburi
03/04/21 DO Bangkok United 2-1 Ratchaburi
28/03/21 TL1 Trat 2-2 Ratchaburi

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