Netherlands vs Austria Prediction 18 June 2021 – Asia Despatch

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Netherlands vs Austria Prediction 18 June 2021

AsiaDespatch.orgThe Netherlands will face Austria in the 2nd round of EURO 2020 group B phase 2020/21, Friday (18/6/21) in Johan Cruyff Arena Stadium. Very lucky that the Dutch national team was able to avoid a draw. Of course against the Austrian national team is proof that they will seize the top position.

Even though they both won, of course the Dutch national team could be considered a team that would deserve to take the top position. With the current player resources it is said to be quite good.

The main problem is when they are not good at deriving attack strategies. Frank De Boer is quite strange to play a formation that prioritizes midfielders.

So it can be seen when facing the Ukrainian national team they were overwhelmed for 79 minutes. Fortunately in the last minute Denzel Dumfries was able to make the difference.

But in general their defense is quite weak. Playing a five-midfield formation is one of the odd choices where they should be able to play three strikers.

Fortunately, the Ukrainian national team is in a state that is not optimal. So when viewed from the movement of the Dutch national team, it is pure luck.

Unless they are indeed able to win by a two-goal difference maybe that is quite promising. However, in the first round, although they were able to win 3-2, in fact they were only one point ahead.

This time of course Frank De Boer’s squad must be more leverage. Moreover, the Austrian team is not better in quality than the Ukrainian national team.

Netherlands vs Austria Prediction 18 June 2021

The big job of Frank De Boer’s team is to make the best use of player resources. Because actually the Dutch national team players are very capable and also dangerous.

Maybe the Dutch national team should be able to field three attackers at once. Because there’s Memphis Depay which might be pretty good this year.

Memphis would be better matched with De Jong and also Wout Weghorst. So there is more creativity ahead.

Maybe in the middle it is enough to play three midfielders or four midfielders and four defenders. Of course, to be a differentiator for the Boers, Wijnaldum can be dropped.

Wijnaldum himself can go up and down to become a striker or stay in his position. So to maximize their chances they can become a 4-2-4 formation if needed.

Whatever Frank De Boer did was beyond expectations. But of course he is the one who really understands the state of this team.

Meanwhile, some observers stated that the Dutch national team was not running optimally. Some of his strategies are considered less good for some star players.

Maybe it can be silenced by Frank de Boer if he is able to bring this team out of the group phase first.

  • Not Much Luck

So far, the Austrian national team has been lucky enough to win big in the first round. But of course facing a team like the Netherlands takes more than luck.

And of course they will find it difficult if they only rely on confidence because they are able to win the first round. Moreover, Macedonia is not a typical team that actually deserves to be in this group phase.

So that their abilities will be tested when facing the Dutch national team. So far the ability of the Austrian national team has not reached the expected. Some of their movements are still legible and there is no creativity.

Netherlands vs Austria Prediction 18 June 2021

It would be a shame if the Dutch national team was not able to win much this time. With the existing capabilities they should be able to perform all out as expected. So predicted by online soccer betting site This match will be won by the Dutch national team.

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Estimated line-up for the Netherlands vs Austria:

(Netherlands) : M. Stekelenburg; D. Blind, S. de Vrij, D. Dumfries, O. Wijndal, J. Timber, G. Wijnaldum, M. de Roon, F. de Jong, M. Depay, W. Weghorst.

Manager : F. de Boer.

(Austria) : D. Bachmann; A. Ulmer, D. Alaba, C. Trimmel, M. Hinteregger, P. Lienhart, M. Sabitzer, F. Grillitsch, V. Lazaro, C. Baumgartner, S. Kalajdzic.

Manager : F. Foda.

Here are the statistics for the two teams below:
05/06/16 FRI Austria 0-2 Netherlands
10/02/11 FRI Netherlands 3-1 Austria
27/03/08 FRI Austria 3-4 Netherlands
07/09/03 ECQ Netherlands 3-1 Austria
17/10/02 ECQ Austria 0-3 Netherlands
14/06/21 EUC Netherlands 3-2 Ukraine
06/06/21 FRI Netherlands 3-0 Georgia
03/06/21 FRI Netherlands 2-2 Scotland
31/03/21 WQE Gibraltar 0-7 Netherlands
28/03/21 WQE Netherlands 2-0 Latvia
13/06/21 EUC Austria 3-1 North Macedonia
06/06/21 FRI Austria 0-0 Slovakia
03/06/21 FRI England 1-0 Austria
01/04/21 WQE Austria 0-4 Denmark
29/03/21 WQE Austria 3-1 Faroe Islands

Regards, Debate ball.

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