News Persib Physical Players Are More Excellent, Mainstay Persib Goalkeeper Is Injured – Asia Despatch

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News Persib Physical Players are getting better, Persib's mainstay goalkeeper is injured – The proud club of Bandung residents, Persib Maung Bandung, seems to continue to squirm in its efforts to prepare for the highest competition in the country next July. Persib troops seem to be getting more and more enthusiastic and look impatient in welcoming the competition Indonesian League 1 2021.

In this case Persib Maung Bandung troops have prepared their squad very well which has been commanded by Robert Rene Alberts. The coach, who is known to be very disciplined, seems very serious in directing his foster children to a more positive path. The reason is that Robert Rene Alberts is reluctant if Persib misses out again next season like in the Pre-season event yesterday.

Therefore, Persib Bandung troops are also required to improve the quality of their squad so that they can compete and be optimal in League 1 later. So that there needs to be perseverance for the coach, Robert Rene Alberts, considering that Maung Bandung’s troops have left quite a few pillar players.

No wonder when the team Persib Maung Bandung currently inhabited by the faces of new players. So it takes a process for the current Persib squad to be more mature in terms of physical and tactical players. Practically currently there is still about a month to prepare everything before the League 1 competition is held next June.

Persib got into trouble because someone was injured

In the midst of preparations that are currently being accelerated by the Persib camp, the pride of the citizens of Bandung must be willing to face a big problem. Because the Persib Maung Bandung troops had to be willing to lose their flagship goalkeeper who was declared injured and had to be sidelined for a while.

So that it was also a blow for the coach Robert Rene Alberts who relied heavily on his injured goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper who is currently experiencing an injury is Teja Paku Alam who is a pillar player for the Persib Bandung stronghold. Suddenly this made the Persib camp feel quite lost because the role of Teja Paku Alam was vital and irreplaceable. Even though the League 1 competition will soon start, Persib Maung Bandung actually lost one pillar.

It should also be noted that Persib’s mainstay goalkeeper Maung Bandung suffered an injury after suffering a very hard impact on his face area at that time. The incident immediately made Teja Paku Alam wince in pain and was assisted by the medical team in a semi-conscious position. Currently the condition of a Teja Paku Alam is still in the phase of further examination which is carried out directly by the medical staff of Persib Bandung.

Reportedly after further checks, it turned out that Teja Paku Alam had a very serious wound in the nose area. Even this player also suffered a broken nose bone which resulted in him inevitably having to undergo surgery.

In this case, Teja Paku Alam will carry out further treatment and the Persib medical team is trying their best to make this goalkeeper come back soon. However, many think that later Teja Paku Alam can play but use a face mask first.

Persib Bandung players are getting more physical

Regardless of Teja Paku Alam’s condition, the players’ condition Persib Bandung others are currently showing optimal results. Even the veteran player, Supardi Nasir some time ago stated that he was very amazed to see the physical condition of the Persib squad which was increasingly spartan. So it seems that the current coach of Persib Bandung, Robert Rene Alberts, doesn’t need to worry because the physical condition of his foster children shows results as expected.

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